Challenge One: TDIFF SloganEdit

You can submit as many as you need but the Project Manager will give me only one as a final response.

Welcome to the TDIFF Wiki, the wiki where drama's made up and the stories don't matter.

--Mr. E

Challenge Two: TD StoryEdit

Against all odds, Heather and Zeke had won a romantic reward. Not just any romantic reward, but one that took place in the most exclusive of all places--Chris's exclusive hot tub, much to Al's dismay.

The hot tub was no ordinary hot tub, it possesed an extraordinary power, one that mankind was not a custom to. As Heather and Zeke slowly unraveled their clothes, and climbed into the tub, unknown to them, but their lives were about to change forever...

Yo, Yo, Yo! This tub puts the D, into the zizzle, eh? Zeke blurted trying to catch Heather's attention. However, Heather was not going to lower herself to his level, and remained silent. She gracefully picked up a slice of cucumber to her right, and placed in upon her eyes.

If only I could enjoy this reward alone... She mumbled to herself.

Ey, that's not nice, foh-realz! Ezekiel scoffed, offended by Heather's words. However once again, she ignored the homeschooled loser.

That second however something drastic happened, the hot tub began to cange colors violently, from red to green to blue and then back to red

What is happening?!? Zeke asked, worried.

It's probably that baffoon Chris trying to mess with us! Heather quickly retorted.

As if in unison, the lights went off, and the color of the hot tub turned black. Heather began to get worried, as she felt as if a hand from below her was trying to grasp her leg.

Get off of me Zeke, you pervert! She yelped, however Zeke seemed confused.

That wasn't me, eh! Heather glared other at Zeke, however due to the darkness wasn't able to give him a death stare.

Heather felt another hand move up her body... and another... and another, until numerous hands were holding her down, and infesting every part of her skin. She tried to yelp, but it was too late... she was a goner. Her mouth was covered, and she knew that this would be her last minutes. Zeke mouth was covered by a mouth, and he quickly became unconscious...

Heather tried to scream, using her very last breaths, as she was slowly pulled into the deaths of the hot tub. However, Heather didn't want to say Help or Save us but in reality, she only wanted to scream four words...


Because even though she lost her hair, was publicly humilated on reality television, Heather did gain one thing... and that was pure and utter love. A great love that was able to thaw though that ice hold heart of hers... but it was too late, she fell unconscious and slowly suffacated in the depth of the water.



-Mika, Project Manager

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