Syd Parsley is a competitor on Survivor: Yucatan and Survivor: Prospectors.

In Survivor: Yucatan, Syd found himself on the less-dominant and ill-fated Celestun Tribe, where he found allies in Chelsea Watterson and Tiffany Speight-Jones. The three worked together, swapping to the Buctzotz Tribe after Celestun was dissolved, but continued to lose. Because of his lovable personality and great social game, he was targeted early on, which led to him being eliminated in a firemaking tiebreaker just before the merge.

Syd returned in Survivor: Prospectors as a member of the Pre-Jury Debar Tribe. In the first Tribal Council, Syd found allies in Blaine Richardson and Bo Lachlan-Comstock and assisted Kelleigh Quick in blindsiding Kristen Moss, which set Abby Bartram into a state of anger and depression. With Abby now against him, he worked to win immunity and stay alive for several more rounds before being dissolved away from his allies and enemy. On his new Tribe at the Bitola camp, he became good friends and allies with Edward Tobin and Andrea McClanahan. At the merge, Syd worked to flip the game on its head by getting rid of the majority alliance by turning them against each other. He managed to find the super idol in the span of four rounds, and ultimately did not use it on himself, rather, he used it to save Edward Tobin the night he was sent to Exile Island. Because of his excellent gameplay and for standing out over the two former winners, Syd was made the winner of the season.


Syd's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Korbin -
2 Electricity -
3 Sparrow -
4 Celestun Tribe Immune
5 Piper -
6 Frazier -
7 Lincoln Jerold, Lincoln
8 Jerold Jerold, Tiffany
Eliminated, Day 24


Syd's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Kristen;
Abby, Kelleigh,
Robbie, Kristen;
2 Debar Tribe Immune
3 Debar Tribe Immune
4 Debar Tribe Immune
5 Bitola Tribe Immune
6 Bitola Tribe Immune
7 Julia Julia
8 Jacques -
9 Tetovo Tribe Immune
Jerold -
10 Jocelyn -
11 Jerold -
12 Taylor Individual Immunity
13 Jett -
14 On Exile Island
15 Zeke -
Abby Abby
Jury Votes
For Syd
Jett, Ashleigh, Jocelyn
Sole Survivor, Day 39