Stephen Hubbard is the brother of Genevieve Vargas and is a competitor on Survivor: Familial Values and Survivor: Crusades.

Stephen began his journey on Survivor in Survivor: Familial Values, where he became an excellent friend to fellow competitor Ronnie Burton. He completed the game with him, following in his footsteps and performing various blindsides with him and Jolene Delarosa, but in the end only received two jury votes because of his excellent social game but poor strategic decisions.

He returned alongside Amelia McCarthy and Ronnie Burton in Survivor: Crusades. The two would eventually become allies together and make it all the way to the end of the game as a threesome, but Stephen got only one jury vote because he spent the entire game under Ronnie's wing again, playing idols on him to save him and not making any moves himself. After losing the jury vote to a tie, he voted for Ronnie to win the game. Stephen also became the first person to complete two entire seasons of Survivor and garner zero votes against him the entire time.

Familial ValuesEdit

Stephen's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Jacinta -
Ankara Tribe Immune
2 Jeffery -
3 Ankara Tribe Immune
4 Lorena -
5 Garland -
6 Bodrum Tribe Immune
7 Bodrum Tribe Immune
8 Harley -
9 Prince -
10 Garland -
11 Olympia -
12 Amelia;
13 May -
Jonathan -
14 Naomi Individual Immunity
15 Naomi -
Percy Individual Immunity

Jury Votes
for Stephen

Garland, Harley
Second Runner Up, Day 39


Stephen's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Igualapa Tribe Immune
2 Igualapa Tribe Immune
3 Demetrius -
4 Igualapa Tribe Immune
5 Acapulco Tribe Immune
6 Acapulco Tribe Immune
7 Acapulco Tribe Immune
8 Reed -
9 Monica -
10 Sabrina -
11 Bayani -
12 Alyssa -
13 Candy -
14 Spencer -
Serafina -

Jury Votes
for Stephen

Second Runner Up, Day 39
Voted For
Sole Survivor