Eighteen All-Stars were joined together in a small village off the coast of Guerrero, the next destination for the fortieth season of Survivor. They each boarded three different trucks to drive to their destination.

On the first, green, truck, Chadrick, Stanton, Spencer, Amelia, Penelope, and Candy travelled together.

In the first confessional of the season, Amelia talked about her previous endeavors in Familial Values. “When I played for my first time, I was with my brother, Percy. I was a dominant force with him up until my blindside...that I cringe at just thinking about. I’m not letting that happen a second time around. Without Percy, this game is going to change for me...for the better. I’ve always been better than Percy was at everything, and Survivor is going to prove that.”

On the second, orange, truck, Sterling, Ronnie, Reed, Alyssa, Serafina, and Debbie travelled together. Noticeably, Ronnie was sizing up his competitors early on.

Alyssa sat down for a confessional. “I saw Ronnie sizing us up right at the start of the game. Like, why would you do that? We aren’t guaranteed to be on a Tribe together or anything. That just proves how sneaky he is!”

To lighten up the truck ride, Sterling told a joke about an elephant. It sparked a reaction from Debbie, who laughed with him.

Alyssa continued her confessional. “I know that I’m surrounded by a bunch of great players of this game, and I respect them. I think, though, that respect and villainy did me in back in Singapore, so I definitely need to change up my game.”

On the third, yellow, truck, Demetrius, Stephen, Bayani, Sabrina, Tequila, and Monica travelled together.

Bayani discussed his surroundings in a confessional. “I’m thinking that these people are on my Tribe, considering there were eighteen people and each truck is colored differently. If it’s true, I think I have a great setup for surviving the game. I’m surrounded by larger threats than myself, such as Sabrina and even Demetrius. I know I’m not going to be targeted early.”

The three trucks arrived at a clearing near a beach. Jeff greeted the eighteen All-Stars warmly. “Season forty: Survivor Crusades. How does everyone feel about being out here?”

Everyone cheered and clapped for being back on the show. Jeff looked to Spencer for the first question he had prepared to ask. “Spencer, you’re surrounded by representatives from previous seasons of the show. Would you have ever imagined yourself surrounded by All-Stars?”

Spencer replied positively. “I’m pleasantly surprised at my opponents. There are some friendly faces from Bali that I’m happy to see again.”

Jeff turned to Debbie for his second big question. “Debbie, you like very few others here made it to the Final Tribal Council in your original season. Never voted out, never had to get your torch snuffed. Do you think you can do it again?”

Debbie was unsure of how to respond. “I think I have what it takes to get to the end, but a whole lot of luck goes into winning this game let alone getting to the end. Maybe some of us can repeat the finals, but it might not happen.”

Satisfied with his responses, Jeff smiled. “Let’s divide you into Tribes. On your truck you will find a box under a tarp. Open it up and pull out your buffs. The people you rode with are officially the other five people on your Tribe.”

Shocked, Stephen was the first to reach onto the yellow truck for his buff. In a confessional, he talked about playing the game without anyone from his previous season. “Ronnie was what kept me afloat. This season, I’ll need to keep myself above water by playing smarter and being more outgoing. I lost the game to Jolene because I was so submissive, so this season, I need to change my outlook on the game.”

On the green Acapulco Tribe: Chadrick, Stanton, Spencer, Amelia, Penelope, and Candy.

On the orange Cuautepec Tribe: Sterling, Ronnie, Reed, Alyssa, Serafina, and Debbie.

On the yellow Igualapa Tribe: Demetrius, Stephen, Bayani, Sabrina, Tequila, and Monica.

Before sending them off, Jeff had one last twist in store. “It’s time for the first twist of the game. Exile Island is in play this season.”

Reed left a confessional about Exile. “When Jeff announced that Exile was in play, I knew that I did not need to be sent out there. Whoever gets put there on the first day is guaranteed to be voted out first.”

Jeff announced that the twist would be that two people would go to Exile. “One representative from each Tribe will compete in an Exile Duel. The winner will receive a reward for their Tribe, while the other two will be sent to Exile. Today, you are competing for an extra bag of beans and a Day-One trip to Exile Island. You will return by the immunity challenge.”

Acapulco put up Candy, Cuautepec put up Ronnie, and Igualapa put up Bayani. Jeff asked them why they believed they were chosen for the challenge.

Candy was the first to respond. “I think it was because of my challenge performance in Zimbabwe. I won the opening challenge against two men to pick my Tribes, and now I’m against two men once again.”

Ronnie was the second. “I think I’m seen as a strong competitor by my Tribe, which is great to hear.”

Bayani was the third. “I’m not really sure why. I think I’ve got it in me to win challenges, but last season I didn’t win anything. Who knows?”

The Exile Duel then began. Ronnie won the duel, leaving Candy and Bayani to go to Exile Island. “A surprising win from Ronnie! Cuautepec wins reward!”

Candy and Bayani were then given a map to Exile Island, and the two headed out, away from their Tribes.

At Exile, Candy left a confessional about having the opportunity to get an idol. “I know there’s going to be one here, we just have to look long and hard for it.”

Meanwhile, Bayani set up a makeshift shelter. He turned to Candy and confided that he was not quite over suffering the starvation and parasites of Mongolia. “This is going to be a lot harder than if I had competed earlier and got to wait for a year.”

Candy proceeded to search around the camp and discovered a small pouch underneath a rock. She lifted it up and read it away from Bayani. Instead of discovering an idol, she found a clue that stated it was hidden at the next immunity challenge. “You have only one opportunity to grab the idol at the next challenge,” she read. She discovered a map of a small stand with an idol placed underneath it.

“This is my chance,” she said.

At the Acapulco camp, Stanton worked on the fire while Penelope, Chadrick, Spencer, and Amelia worked on building the shelter. “The ice dancer will ALWAYS figure out the problem and SUCCEED!” Stanton exclaimed.

Spencer left a confessional about his Tribe. “I noticed that one of the major twists this season is that none of us - on either Tribes - have competed with the other before in a previous season. We’ve been split up like this on purpose.”

Spencer began talking with Amelia about the game after Chadrick and Penelope left to gather materials. Spencer suggested an alliance between them. “We reel in Stanton and Candy when she gets back. There’s four, and we can take down either Chadrick or Penelope.”

Amelia thought for a moment. In a confessional, she discussed how trusting Spencer could help her game. “I know that most alliances made on the first day barely ever work out, but Spencer seems like a trustworthy guy. I know he’s friends with Monica on the other side, but this game is a final three, and I would definitely be interested in going to the end with him.”

Amelia agreed to an alliance with Spencer. They turned back to see Stanton steadily preparing the fire, and Amelia asked him if he wanted to work with them. At first, Stanton believed they were asking him to work on the shelter, but he realized what they were truly asking. “Oh - OH! You mean an alliance!”

Stanton commented in a confessional that he was excited to be back in the game. “I’m about to dance my way to victory!”

At the Cuautepec camp, Debbie and Reed worked together on the fire while Sterling, Serafina, Alyssa, and Ronnie worked on the shelter together. Reed looked back at the four bonding over the shelter building, and commented in a confessional that early camp life was crucial to the first Tribal Council of the game and of the Tribe. “Alliances form right now based on how people work on the shelter. Working on the fire with Debbie is a problem, so we need to reel in someone to form an alliance with.”

Debbie suggested aligning together with Reed, and he gladly accepted. He explained his philosophy of camp-life to her, and she agreed. In a confessional, she talked about how knowledgeable Reed was on the game. “He knows what he’s doing, and that’s an issue to be dealt with later on. Right now, I need him.”

Meanwhile, Serafina noticed Sterling and Ronnie bonding more than with herself and Alyssa. She talked with Alyssa about how Sterling seemed to be forming tight bonds early on, and she agreed that it was dangerous.

“I was well known as a villain back in Bali,” Serafina said in a confessional. “This season, with Ronnie and Sterling becoming so close so early on, I know I have to break that up.”

Serafina, Alyssa, Reed, and Debbie talked together after assembling the shelter. Serafina stated that Sterling and Ronnie were a problem because they were great friends after the first day, and the four agreed to target them first.

However, Ronnie talked in a confessional about his “Chessmaster 2.0” alliance. “Back in Familial Values, I formed a tight bond with the strongest of my Tribe. I’m the king, and I need a queen and some pawns to do what I want them to do. Sterling is officially my second-in-command: my rook.”

Ronnie sat with Sterling and Alyssa to discuss the game. Ronnie proposed to Alyssa that she would be his queen, and that the three would be the next Chessmaster alliance. Alyssa agreed, and stated in a confessional that she needed to decide which side she wanted to stick with. “I know Debbie is a villain, and I know that Ronnie is really a bit of a hero. I’m siding with either the heroes or villains this I have to make up my mind.”

At the Igualapa camp, Tequila and Demetrius quickly became friends as they worked to gather coconuts for the Tribe to eat. Stephen noticed this relationship forming and attempted to insert himself into their group.

Demetrius commented in a confessional that the game was going to be a different experience for him. “This season, there isn’t anyone to exile me from a shelter to put me in a powerful position. I have to make alliances on my own without a common enemy.”

Stephen tried to relate to the two, but they did not listen well to his suggestions on how to gather food. He left and talked with Monica and Sabrina, who built the shelter.

Stephen commented that Tequila and Demetrius had formed an alliance. Though this was a lie to him, it was actually true as Tequila and Demetrius decided they would pull in someone to take to the end of the game with them.

Monica left a confessional about how Tequila and Demetrius were threats to her success in the game. “This isn’t a new experience for me - I know how to handle being at the bottom of the game. I need to make sure I have Sabrina with me and that I have Stephen. The three of us can take them out and be done with it.”

Tequila and Demetrius returned to camp, and Demetrius suggested that the shelter they had built was perfect. “This is already much better than how it was in Cote D’Ivoire.”

At the first immunity challenge of the game, Jeff welcomed back Candy and Bayani to their Tribes. Despite being unfamiliar with them, they were welcomed home with open arms. Jeff explained the challenge, and Candy noticed the area she needed to hunt for her idol. “There’s a platform someone has to stand on to untie knots. It’s directly underneath it. I have to be that person,” Candy said in a confessional.

The first immunity competition began.
1st: Cuaupetec
2nd: Igualapa
3rd: Acapulco

After an intense moment of searching, Candy discovered the idol hidden nuder a stand. However, she was noticed in doing this because she spent too much time holding the Tribe up to search for it inconspicuously. This caused her Tribe to lose the first immunity challenge of the game.

At the Acapulco camp, Candy returned and apologized for taking so long in the challenge. “I didn’t think it would be that hard!”

However, seeing through her apology, Penelope decided she needed to find out the real cause of her throwing the competition. She met with Chadrick and revealed that she noticed Candy searching for something underneath each stand she was on in the challenge, and Chadrick agreed that it was suspicious.

“Being a former winner, you know that you have to watch your back. Ever since Tony Burns won for a second time, people do not want a repeat winner unless they really and truly deserve it,” Chadrick said in a confessional. “So, to protect myself, I may have to vote out Candy tonight.”

Meanwhile, Amelia and Spencer met with Stanton to discuss the vote. Amelia admitted that she felt Candy was acting strange at the challenge, but that they needed a strong alliance to get through the game. “We can take her out with Chadrick and Penelope, or we can work with her to take one of those two out,” Amelia suggested.

Spencer stated that they needed to win challenges in order to progress well in the game. They looked to Stanton for a decision. Stanton decided that it would be best to vote out Candy so that they could win challenges.

Candy sat down in a confessional to discuss the vote. “I really think that looking for the idol put me in some extreme danger tonight. I don’t know if I’ll be able to save myself unless I use my idol as some sort of trade-off for not getting me voted out.”

Candy thought long and hard at camp, and decided that it was best for her to play her idol. “There’s no coming back.”

Meanwhile, Amelia decided that voting against her alliance to keep Candy in was in her best interest. “Everyone is voting her out, so if I vote against someone else, it can cause a stir or even cause a tie of Candy plays some kind of idol from the challenge. It’s a great assurance for me.”

At Tribal Council, Jeff asked the six of them how Exile Island changed the game and set the scene for them to compete for 39 Days. Amelia stated that Exile created great suspicion amongst the others in the game. “Candy was acting really strange at the challenge, so she’s getting votes tonight. We’re thinking she got some kind of clue or something...or she just sucks at challenges.”

Candy argued that she was great in challenges. “Voting me out makes no sense. I’m great in challenges and I tried to make up my fumble to them by working harder on the last few ropes in the challenge...but it didn’t work. We lost.”

Penelope spoke up, stating that Candy fumbled too hard and cost them their win. Candy, feeling defeated, began to cry. “Please...don’t vote me out!”

After the votes were cast and tallied, Jeff returned to see Candy sobbing further. “I will now read the votes.”

“Wait!” Candy exclaimed. She stood up and wiped her face, pulling out her idol. “I guess you could say I was crying because I didn’t want to use this so early.”

Candy played her idol on herself, surprising everyone. Jeff announced that it was real, and read the votes. Every vote was negated except for two: one from Candy against Amelia, and one from Amelia against Chadrick.

Blindsided, the vote was suddenly between Amelia and Chadrick. Amelia begged for Candy to side with her, stating that they would go far together in the game. Chadrick begged for the same, and Penelope indicated that she was Chadrick’s only ally.

After the re-vote, Jeff revealed their decisions. With three votes against him, Chadrick was voted out, with only one vote on Amelia from Penelope.

In his exit interview, Chadrick stated that he was surprised. “I didn’t expect her to play her idol! Man, there was no backup plan for that or anything. I’m completely blindsided.”

At the next Exile Duel location, Chadrick was revealed to be eliminated. This surprised Alyssa. Jeff announced that it was time for the reward challenge, and that no repeating Exile players could play again, meaning Candy, Ronnie, and Bayani were ineligible.

Acapulco put up Spencer, Cuautepec put up Reed, and Igualapa put up Sabrina. For this reward, competitors were fighting for fishing gear.

Reed won the challenge, sending Spencer and Sabrina to Exile Island. “For the second time, Cuautepec wins reward!”

Spencer and Sabrina received a map to Exile, and the two headed out. In a confessional, Candy stated that she was worried. “I know that there is an idol clue out there for Spencer to find. If he sees it, he will definitely know that I got an idol from the challenge. I can’t risk him getting I need to keep my eye on him constantly.”

At Exile, Spencer and Sabrina formally met and talked about their life back at camp. Sabrina stated that her camp was fairly peaceful with the exception of Tequila being loud about her opinions. “She’s a nice girl, Tequila is, but she can get annoying.”

Spencer sat by a makeshift fire made by Bayani in the previous venture to Exile. Sabrina sat with him, and the two spent the night sharing stories about their camps. Spencer explained that Candy’s strange actions around camp made them suspicious of her, but that she played an idol and got rid of Chadrick.

At night, while Sabrina was asleep, Spencer went out to search for the idol. He noticed a small pouch tucked away in the woods underneath a fallen tree. He lifted it out to read it, but could not see it. “I’ll have to look at it tomorrow at camp.”

At the immunity challenge, Spencer and Sabrina were returned to their Tribes. The immunity challenge then began.
1st: Igualapa
2nd: Acapulco
3rd: Cuautepec

Despite winning the reward and boosting their morale, the Cuautepec Tribe lost immunity and sent themselves to Tribal Council.

Back at the Acapulco camp, Spencer read his idol clue and discovered that the idol was hidden at the challenge. Despite his opportunity expiring, he learned that Candy had discovered her idol at the challenge while acting suspiciously during one leg of the challenge that caused them to lose.

At the Cuautepec camp, Ronnie and Sterling sat down with Alyssa and discussed the vote. Sterling suggested taking out Serafina for being a major villain in her season. “She’s one tricky girl,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Reed, Serafina, and Debbie discussed taking out Sterling. “Ronnie is fairly harmless and he’s great in challenges. Sterling is a very heroic player and I’m worried that he’ll become a strategic threat in the long-run,” Reed said.

Debbie agreed. “I think we have what it takes to be a strong alliance, but I’ve noticed Sterling and Ronnie talking with Alyssa. She may not be all the way with us.”

In a confessional, Serafina talked about Alyssa. “We can’t lose Alyssa to a flip. We need her to secure our alliance in the top four.”

Serafina sat with Alyssa in the ocean and discussed taking out Sterling. She proposed that Sterling was a strong heroic player who knew how to get through the competition without receiving votes against him. “He’s great at playing the social game. He’s a major social player.”

Alyssa took time to think about it, and agreed with Serafina. In a confessional, she talked about her options. “Everything she’s saying is true, one-hundred-percent. Sterling is a great player. Maybe it’s time he gets out.”

At Tribal Council, Jeff asked Ronnie about his gameplay. Ronnie stated that he was looking to redo the Chessmaster alliance, seeing as how it was successful in Familial Values. “Of course, at that time, I had Stephen and Jolene on my side. Now Jolene isn’t here.”

Serafina laughed and likened herself to Jolene, stating that she was the female villain runner up in a Sexiness vs Smarts vs Strengths competition. This surprised Alyssa, and she immediately asked if she was a part of Ronnie’s alliance. Serafina responded, stating that she was not.

Reed spoke up about the vote. “This vote is strange, Jeff. I don’t know where everyone is in this game, so this is going to be the proving ground where we learn just where everyone stands.”

Jeff announced that it was time to vote, and one by one, they voted. Jeff read the votes, and Sterling was blindsided with four votes against him, indicating Alyssa stuck with the others. Ronnie, devastated, hugged Sterling goodbye and allowed him to exit the game.

In his exit interview, Sterling stated that he was shocked to be blindsided. “I’ve never even had my torch snuffed before, and here I am getting it snuffed basically before any other non-final-makers get theirs. Boy, this is rough.”

At the next Exile Duel, Sterling was revealed to be eliminated. Tequila commented that it was good to see him gone because he would have targeted her. “Thanks, Cuautepec, you guys kept me safe!”

Acapulco put up Stanton for the duel, Cuautepec put up Alyssa, and Igualapa put up Monica.

For this duel, the Survivors were competing for a mixture of different meats. Monica won the duel, sending Stanton and Alyssa to Exile.

At Exile Island, Stanton and Alyssa worked together to improve the weak shelter. In a confessional, Stanton stated that he needed to look for the idol to keep himself in the game. “I think the idol has something to do with the challenges in the game. I need to dance around the clue to save myself!”

Stanton and Alyssa both went hunting for the idol clue, but it was Alyssa that discovered it hidden in the sand near the beach. She quickly unraveled it and read the clue aloud. “The clue is located under my stand in the next challenge, but to get it, I would have to give up immunity and jump in.”

Stanton, unable to find it, returned to the camp feeling upset. “I need to talk to Spencer about the clue. Maybe he found an idol?”

At the immunity challenge, the three Tribes arrived. Alyssa noticed her labeled stand out in the ocean and recognized a small pouch hidden underneath it. Jeff announced the challenge, and it began.
1st: Acapulco
2nd: Cuautepec
3rd: Igualapa

As her Tribe slipped in the challenge, leaving her as one of the only lifelines, dropping to grab the idol remained riskier. As more competitors fell in front of her, she was suddenly the last one left. “Do I send my Tribe to Tribal Council and claim the idol, or do I hang in there?”

She held on and sacrificed her idol, allowing her Tribe to win immunity. Igualapa failed and was sent to Tribal Council.

At the Igualapa camp, Tequila and Demetrius discussed the vote for the night. Demetrius stated that he was worried that Tequila was drawing too much attention to herself. The two agreed to vote out Bayani for being an easy target.

Meanwhile, Monica, Sabrina, and Stephen formed an alliance together to take out Demetrius. Stephen agreed to work with them since Tequila and Demetrius did not allow him into their conversation at the beginning of the game.

In a confessional, Stephen stated that they simply did it to themselves. “You can’t be rude out here, especially not while there are only six people on your Tribe.”

Bayani approached them and asked to join their alliance instead of being exiled again. Monica stated in a confessional that Bayani knew what it was like to be at the bottom of the game, and that he would be easy to stick with. “He wasn’t here on the first day, either. This makes him a perfect addition.”

Tequila and Demetrius sat down with Sabrina and asked her to vote with them to take out Bayani. She agreed, but in a confessional, stated that Demetrius and Tequila were threats in the game. “There’s no way we can work with those two. They’re both excellent strategic and social players!”

At Tribal Council, Jeff asked Demetrius about how he felt in the game. He stated that he was nervous because his experience was so different from his last season. “In Cote D’Ivoire, I was exiled from everything, so I made an alliance against the people that exiled me. Now, that isn’t I don’t really know what to do.”

Stephen then spoke up. “The same thing happened to him, only in reverse. I tried to talk to him and Tequila on the very first day, and he told me to go away. He exiled me from his talk and potentially his alliance. So, naturally, I had to create an alliance against him.”

It was here that Stephen experienced a great change in his character. Instead of flying through the game in the shadows, Stephen spoke up and led a charge against Demetrius. Shocked, Demetrius asked Stephen about what he meant. “You know what you did.”

Jeff announced that it was time to vote, and Demetrius was voted out with only two votes against Bayani. He stood, shocked, and exited the game after hugging Tequila.

In his exit interview, he stated that he was surprised to have been voted out by Stephen Hubbard. “Of all the people in the world to vote me out...Stephen got the best of me.”

At the next Exile Duel, Demetrius was revealed to be eliminated. This signified the first season to be eliminated from the competition, as Cote D’Ivoire had no more members in the game.

Acapulco put up Penelope for the duel, Cuautepec put up Debbie, and Igualapa put up Stephen.

For this duel, the Survivors competed for a shower for their camp. Debbie won the reward for Cuautepec for the third time.

Penelope and Stephen gathered their bags and headed out for Exile Island. Together, they arrived and noticed the shelter had been torn down from an overnight storm.

Penelope worked on building the shelter back up. Meanwhile, Stephen decided to search for the idol. As he searched through the forest, he discovered the clue hidden underneath a rock. He lifted it up and read it out loud, and discovered that it was hidden inside of a crate during the next challenge.

In a confessional, he stated that he needed to make sure he put himself in the power position. “I need to make sure I’m the one opening that crate.”

At the immunity challenge, Jeff welcomed Stephen and Penelope back to their Tribes. The challenge then began.
1st: Igualapa
2nd: Cuautepec
3rd: Acapulco

During the challenge, Stephen remained on the lookout for his idol. He volunteered himself for the role of unpacking crates for the second portion of the challenge, and his Tribe allowed him to. He took his time in the challenge, but because his Tribe was in the lead, he was able to successfully find his idol while not staggering too much to draw attention to himself.

Acapulco lost the challenge, leaving the five to soon drop down to four.

At the Acapulco camp, Stanton and Spencer talked about the idol clue. Spencer revealed that the idol was hidden at the challenge, but that his clue expired as he did not get the chance to read his clue until he returned to camp.

Stanton stated that he was unable to find the clue, and Spencer suggested that Alyssa might have stolen the clue before he could get to it.

In a confessional, Spencer stated that he was concerned that idols were going to cause trouble in the game. “Recently, Stephen and Penelope went to Exile Island. That’s going to create a major target on Penelope, which might be usable to my advantage. If Candy truly wants to stay tonight, she can help us vote her out.”

Spencer, Stanton, and Amelia sat with Candy and discussed taking out Penelope because of her idol. Candy agreed to work with them, but in a confessional, stated that she did not want to work with the people that voted her out.

“I feel like I have a better chance at staying in the game if I stick with Penelope. I’m obviously not going to go far with the others, right?”

Candy sat with Penelope and told her that she wanted to stick with her and take out Stanton. Penelope agreed to work with her and do anything she could to save herself.

Candy and Penelope approached Amelia with the idea of blindsiding Stanton. Penelope argued that Stanton was a dangerous threat to win the competition because of his challenge prowess. “We’re going to merge soon, Amelia,” Penelope argued.

Amelia stated that she did not know about them merging so soon. “Losing Stanton would be a problem for me, since I’m aligned with Spencer to the end. I don’t see how this is going to work.”

Penelope and Candy continued to try and tempt Amelia into voting out Stanton. Penelope stated that she looked for the idol on Exile, but that the idol had already been found. “There are clues to challenge sites where the idol is,” Candy said. “It was missing when Penelope got there, meaning Stanton had to have gotten it.”

Despite the ambiguity of the situation, Amelia agreed that the idol was a problem for her. “If Stanton really does have the idol, he might need to go.”

Amelia met with Spencer and Stanton and asked Stanton if he had an idol. Stanton confirmed that he did not have the idol, but Amelia was still curious.

Meanwhile, Candy and Penelope worked to craft a makeshift idol out of parts stolen from around camp. Penelope, being a jewelry maker, thanked Candy for working with her to take out Stanton. The two took the fake idol and planted it in Stanton’s clothes.

Amelia investigated his jeans and discovered the idol tucked away inside, and Amelia realized that he was lying to her. In a confessional, she stated that his life was damning and that he needed to go. “I obviously can’t trust him. He’s lied to me about the idol!”

At Tribal Council, Jeff asked Spencer about the dynamics of the vote. Spencer stated that it was between Candy and Penelope. “Penelope is on the outside, but Candy also surprised us with that idol play on the first night. We need to pick which one is going home, and I think we’ve already decided.”

“Oui!” Stanton interjected. “It’s a tough decision, but someone has to go!”

Jeff asked Candy about how she felt on the vote. “I think this decision isn’t as straightforward as it seems.”

After the votes were cast, Jeff revealed them. Stanton was blindsided with three votes against him and two against Penelope, saving her for the night.

In his exit interview, Stanton stated that he was shocked. “I don’t know what just happened, but I can only assume Amelia was the reason I was eliminated! Oui, oui, I cannot believe I was betrayed by my allies in this game. How upsetting it is to leave so early!”

At the next Exile Duel, only two setups were shown instead of three. Jeff announced that the three Tribes would be swapping into two Tribes, and that Cuaupetec would be dissolved into Acapulco and Igualapa.

Jeff passed out various mystery wraps that, when unraveled, revealed a new buff for the swap.

On the new Acapulco Tribe: Sabrina, Alyssa, Stephen, Amelia, Bayani, Reed, and Ronnie.

On the new Igualapa Tribe: Debbie, Candy, Spencer, Serafina, Penelope, Monica, and Tequila.

Jeff announced that Exile Duels were changed, and that only one person would go to Exile from then on after losing the duel for reward. As well, the duels were reset, meaning previous competitors could compete again for one time only.

Acapulco put up Sabrina, and Igualapa put up Debbie. The survivors competed for extra bags of food, and Debbie succeeded in defeating Debbie. Sabrina was sent to Exile, and the others went straight to camp.

At Exile Island, Sabrina left a confessional about being trapped. “I know that I’m guaranteed the idol if I can find it, but I can’t guarantee how long it’ll be here. I have to look long and hard.”

Sabrina searched around the beach for the clue, but was unable to discover it. “It’s hidden very well. I wonder who all has an idol in this game since they’re hidden so well?”

At the new Acapulco camp, only Amelia remained as the sole original Acapulco member. Bayani quickly approached Reed for an alliance, to which Reed gladly accepted. “Alyssa is trouble on this Tribe, but she went against Ronnie, so that will create tension between those two. Hopefully it will be enough tension for me to survive to the merge.”

Ronnie scanned his surroundings and formulated a new plan in his mind. In a confessional, he talked about his new plan. “Stephen is over here with me, so that’s an obvious option for me. Amelia is also here, so the three of us could align and take over the game. Me, personally? I’m on the outside of my former Tribe. Alyssa and Reed are against me, so I need Bayani and Sabrina on my side to stay alive.”

Ronnie sat down with Stephen and discussed aligning again. Stephen agreed to align with him, stating that he missed playing with him. In a confessional, Stephen stated that he would not let his guard down. “If I have to get rid of Ronnie, I’ll get rid of him. I have to play harder if I’m going to win the game.”

Ronnie christened Stephen as his bishop, and met with Amelia to discuss an alliance of Familial Values players. She agreed, stating that she missed playing with them. “It was a fun game, but unfortunately, Ronnie and his Chessmasters were the reason I got out. Maybe joining them will be beneficial to me,” she said in a confessional.

Ronnie christened Amelia as his queen. The three then met with Bayani and discussed forming an alliance, and Bayani agreed and was christened the rook. In a confessional, Bayani stated that he was unsure if he wanted to flip to Ronnie’s alliance or work with Reed.

At the new Igualapa camp, Spencer and Monica reunited and hugged. Serafina also approached them and joined their hug. In a confessional, Serafina stated that she was surprised to see the two in such good spirits. “We may not have been on the best terms, but we were great friends in Bali and outside of the game. The three of us being together is great!”

Serafina, Spencer, and Monica agreed to an alliance very quickly, and Spencer informed them that Penelope and Candy were tightly aligned. “If they get to Tequila and Debbie, the three of us are goners,” Spencer stated.

Serafina assured him that Debbie was with her. “We’ll be just fine over here.”

Monica left a confessional about the competition. “Seeing my three Bali friends here really makes me happy. I feel very comfortable on my new Tribe, and I think that, with these three, I’ll be able to make the merge.”

Serafina met with Debbie and informed her that they had an alliance with Spencer and Monica, and Debbie agreed to work with them. The four of them worked together then to go against Candy, Penelope, and Tequila.

Meanwhile, Candy noticed the changing tides of the game and recruited Tequila for an alliance. Candy, Penelope, and Tequila sat inside of the shelter to discuss the game. “I’m not sure about what we’re going to do, but we need Debbie or Serafina to flip. Spencer and Monica are going to be inseparable,” Candy suggested.

At the immunity challenge, Sabrina was returned to her Tribe. Jeff then announced the challenge, and eyes began to stare down Sabrina. Alyssa thought back to when she gave up her idol so her Tribe could win immunity, and she remembered that the idol was always hidden at the challenge. In a confessional, she stated that Sabrina was going to be trouble if she acted suspiciously at the challenge. “I’m afraid Sabrina is going to get an idol, so I’m going to watch her like a hawk.”

Acapulco won immunity, sending Igualapa to Tribal Council.

Back at the Igualapa camp, Serafina, Monica, Spencer, and Debbie worked together to formulate a plan. Spencer assured them that nobody on the Tribe had an idol, since Penelope faked Stanton’s idol and tricked Amelia into flipping against him.

Spencer suggested taking Candy out while they had the chance, but Debbie suggested otherwise. Debbie suggested taking out Tequila because of her social ability in the game, and Monica agreed that Tequila was a great social player.

“I think Candy is going to be trouble for us, but for right now, if we take out Tequila, we’ll have a better chance going into the merge without a major social threat going against us,” Serafina stated.

Meanwhile, Candy, Tequila, and Penelope decided it would be best to get Debbie to stray from the Bali alliance. Candy approached her and argued that she would not go to the end with her alliance because she was not a part of their great bond. “Bali is going to take you out at the final four.”

Debbie thought about flipping to work with them, but decided that she would still be in forth with the three other women. “Maybe I can do something later on to get rid of a Bali member, but for right now, I need to stick with my roots.”

At Tribal Council, Tequila suggested to Jeff that Tribal Council would be very interesting. “I’ll admit, I’m afraid that I’m in danger tonight, but I think I’m going to be okay.”

Jeff asked Penelope about the vote, and she stated that she was in danger of being taken out. “The big alliance deciding the vote tonight is with Monica, Spencer, and Serafina. Debbie is the fourth person that we need to flip and work with us.”

Serafina reiterated that Debbie was a major part of their alliance, and that she was deciding the vote with them. “Debbie is one of us, and you can’t stop that.”

After votes were cast, Tequila was voted out with four votes against her, with three going to Serafina. Officially, all Kenya representatives were eliminated from the competition very early on.

In her exit interview, she stated that she was surprised to have been taken out so early. “It seems like Kenya returnees just don’t have luck, but I’m proud of how I played. I’m glad to have gotten this far.”

At the next Exile Duel, Jeff revealed that Tequila was eliminated. This made Bayani chuckle. Jeff asked him about why it was funny to him that Tequila was eliminated, and he stated that everyone from Kenya had been eliminated so early. Amelia did not find this funny, and told him to shut up.

Jeff reminded the two Tribes that they could not put up Sabrina and Debbie for the duel. Acapulco put up Ronnie, and Igualapa put up Monica. The two competed for a significant advantage in the next immunity challenge, making this duel one of the most intense of the season.

Monica won the duel, granting the Igualapa Tribe a major advantage at the next immunity challenge and sending Ronnie to Exile Island.

Ronnie was given a map and was told to head out.

At Exile Island, Ronnie arrived to see the newly formed camp. He talked about the game as he walked around, investigating the camp. “Being here on Exile is hard for me because I’ve never lost a duel before.’s sucky to be stuck here, but I know Stephen and Amelia have my back.”

Ronnie began to cook rice from a short supply in the camp. As the sun began to set, Ronnie started looking for the idol. “For the King of the Chessmasters to stay in the game...”

Ronnie searched near the beach. “I would need something to secure my safety.”

Ronnie searched in the forest. “I need something to make me feel safe.”

Ronnie searched around the campsite. “I need an idol.”

Ronnie discovered the clue buried underneath the flag of the camp. He cheered as he found it, and opened it up to read it. “I have to find the idol at the next immunity challenge inside of a blue colored bag during the FIRST round of the competition. If I don’t find it, it may be taken by someone else.”

Ronnie thought about it for a moment, and understood what the map had told him. “It’s a map of a trivia site. I need to be the first to go out there and retrieve the colored bag from a satchel of other colored bags. The only problem is that I would be sacrificing a point for my Tribe when we’re already at a disadvantage. Hmm...”

At the next immunity challenge, Ronnie was returned to his Tribe. Jeff explained the trivia based competition and stated that the challenge would run in one-versus-one rounds. Ronnie volunteered himself to go first to make up for losing the duel, and the others allowed it. As for Igualapa’s reward, Jeff met privately with all members and told them that there were no correct answers inside of green or blue bags, and that the correct ones were always in either red, orange, purple, or black bags.

The challenge began. In the first round of the competition, Ronnie returned with a blue bag and found that it was incorrect, but held on tightly to a small piece of paper inside the bag. He stuffed it away after realizing his answer was wrong, and he raced back.

Despite their advantage, Acapulco defeated Igualapa and won immunity. Monica took the blame for losing, stating that she took too long to remember the correct answers for the trivia competition.

Jeff sent the two Tribes back to their camps, and Ronnie left an excited confessional about the events of the challenge. “We won the competition AND I got my least, I think I got it. It’s a piece of paper.”

At the Acapulco camp, Ronnie unraveled his paper and noticed a second map, stating that the idol was hidden a rock by the beach that had a red “x” painted on it. Ronnie discovered the rock and recovered his idol, but returned to the suspicion of Bayani. “I’m not sure what he did out there, but it was fishy. He left for no reason and returned with a grin on his face!”

At the Igualapa camp, Serafina, Spencer, and Monica met with Debbie to discuss taking out Penelope. They all agreed that Candy was not going to be trouble at the merge, and that Penelope needed to go.

Meanwhile, however, Debbie was approached once more by Penelope and Candy. They argued further that Debbie was not the third member of the Bali alliance, and stated that they needed a third member to take one of the others out.

Debbie thought long about this, and decided that, in the previous round, she was not anyone’s third person except for now, when the others were missing their third ally. Debbie decided to flip ships and work with Candy and Penelope to take out Serafina.

“Villains are huge in this game, and if the vote ties tonight without me tricking them...I’ll have to find a way to flip the others against Serafina.”

At Tribal Council, Monica expressed how she was happy to have a strong alliance on the Tribe. Jeff asked Candy if her statement worried her, and Candy stated that she was very worried about going home. “I’ve been at the bottom this entire time. Not once have I ever felt safe!”

Jeff called for votes, and once tallied and read, the vote tied 3-3 between Serafina and Penelope.

Serafina asked Debbie why she flipped on them, and Debbie argued to Monica and Spencer that Serafina was a major villain that would betray them in the end. “She’s not going to be fun to play with if you keep her in and vote out Penelope.”

Spencer and Monica loudly stated that they were not going to flip their votes against their ally. Serafina openly stated that, if she were such a big villain, it would be an excellent idea to take her to the end as a goat as opposed to being a threat to win.

Penelope begged Debbie not to flip on her, but Debbie began to think again about her choices. After the votes were tallied again, Penelope was voted out 3-1, with Debbie now at the bottom of the game with Candy.

“I’m sorry, but I couldn’t risk going to rocks,” Debbie apologized to Penelope. Penelope hugged her and Candy and left the game.

In her exit interview, Penelope stated that she was surprised to see Debbie’s game collapse. “Debbie’s game has obviously collapsed. She just flipped on three good allies that wanted her around to work with two shady women who had a knack for faking and using idols. I wish her luck, because her flipping has effectively bought Candy some more time.”

At the next Exile Duel, Jeff welcomed the two Tribes together and notified the Acapulco Tribe that Penelope was voted out.

Acapulco put up Amelia for the duel, and Igualapa put up Candy. Igualapa seemed hesitant to put her up at first, but she insisted on going. “The idol has probably already been found, anyway!”

The survivors competed for a visit from a local fishing village to help the winners survive the next few days with fresh vegetables and fruits.

Candy succeeded in winning the duel, sending Amelia to Exile instead. In a confessional, Candy stated that winning the duel was probably better for her than going to Exile because her Tribe did not see her as a threat for having the idol.

Amelia was given a map and was sent out to Exile Island.

At Exile Island, Amelia noticed many drawings on the inside of the shelter made from blueberry juice. She recognized that they were drawn there by Ronnie, and laughed. “Ronnie’s a really silly kid. I’m proud that he’s come so far in the game, and I’m happy to be a part of his alliance.”

Amelia searched the camp for the clue to the idol. She strolled across a rock and flipped it over, but found nothing.

“Now...where would it be?”

Amelia climbed a small mountainous formation in the ocean and discovered nothing. She waited for the tide to die down and searched the ocean, but found nothing.

She waited until nightfall, where she discovered the idol clue...slipped underneath a makeshift pillow in the shelter. She pulled it out and tried her best to read it in the moonlight. “I can see it says something about a challenge.”

Amelia approached a torch and read it to herself. “It says I have to get an idol at the next immunity challenge from underneath the...other Tribe’s mat? How the hell am I going to do that?”

Amelia thought of a strategy, but decided that she would be able to think clearer at the challenge where she could see her goal.

At the next immunity challenge, Amelia was returned to her Tribe. Jeff announced the challenge, and Amelia noticed where she had to grab the idol. In a human shuffleboard challenge, Amelia needed to ensure that she slid at just a right angle to crash into the other Tribe’s mat and snag the idol without being seen. A small but noticeable lump revealed the location to Amelia.

In the first round of the challenge, Amelia was unable to get to the idol, leaving her very worried. However, she hoped that a second round of rematches would occur for her to get to her idol.

In the second round, Amelia successfully slid into the other Tribe’s mat on “accident” and secured herself a very small keychain sized idol. She stuffed it in her bathing suit, pretending to fix it, which caught the attention of Sabrina.

“She stuffed something in her bra, and I’m thinking it was an idol. That can’t be good,” Sabrina said in a confessional.

Acapulco succeeded in winning immunity for the third straight time, leaving the five of Igualapa to soon drop to four.

On her way back to camp, Candy left a confessional. “I don’t know how this is going to work out tonight, but I have to push for Debbie’s elimination over my own.”

At the Igualapa camp, Spencer, Serafina, and Monica debated on taking out Candy or Debbie.

Spencer argued that Debbie was strong in challenges, and that she had never gone to Exile Island but defeated two people in duels. Monica commented that the merge had to be coming up soon, and that Debbie would indeed be a challenge threat.

“If we can take out Debbie tonight, which is fine with me after last Tribal,” Serafina began in a confessional, “We can try to absorb Candy into our alliance and have a tight four at the merge. The chance of that happening, however, is really slim, so we have to think about taking out Candy tonight as well.”

Candy approached the three and begged them to vote out Debbie. She composed herself and argued that Debbie was a social and strategic threat in the competition.

Meanwhile, Debbie approached and argued that Candy’s idol play at the first Tribal meant she could not be trusted. “She’s one tough cookie, and we can’t have that around camp. I was with you guys until I got tricked! I hope you’ll have me back.”

Spencer, Serafina, and Monica debated on what to do. “On one hand, we have Candy, who played an idol on the first day and is a flip-floppy player,” Monica began in a confessional, “and on the other, we have Debbie, a major strategic and challenge threat. The question really is...what about the merge?”

Spencer brought up the possibility of Debbie or Candy having an idol, and Serafina suggested tying up the vote. “If Candy and Debbie work together to vote out one of us, two of us can vote one of them, and Spencer, you can vote the other. If there is an idol play, the vote will tie and we can vote out the other person.”

Spencer agreed, and stated that he would vote out Candy while the two girls voted out Debbie.

At Tribal Council, Jeff asked Candy and Debbie if they were at the bottom of their Tribe. Debbie suggested that her move at the previous Tribal Council put her at the bottom, and that she was responsible for hurting her own game. Candy stated that she was at the bottom, like always, and wished she had security.

Serafina brought up the possibility of one of the two playing an idol, and Jeff asked the two girls if they had idols they planned on playing. Both responded, stating that they did not have one.

After the votes were tallied, Jeff revealed them. In a shocking vote, Debbie was eliminated with three votes against her and two against Candy, as the two did not vote together and instead voted for the other person, leaving Spencer and Debbie as the only two votes against Candy.

Debbie stood up and thanked the Tribe for a fun game, and had her torch snuffed.

In her exit interview, Debbie stated that she was happy to have gotten far in the game, but unhappy to have been pre-merged. “Dropping from second to twelfth is pretty bad, but it’s not as bad as it could be.”

With this, Laos was the third season eliminated with all representatives gone.

At the next Exile Duel, Jeff revealed that Debbie was eliminated from the game. This shocked everyone, and Jeff inquired as to why it was so shocking to see her eliminated. Alyssa stated that it was shocking because Debbie was such a major player in Laos.

Acapulco put up Reed for the duel, and Igualapa put up Serafina. For this duel, Jeff announced that they would be competing for a grill and seasonings.

Reed won the duel, sending Serafina to Exile Island. Reed was given the winnings for his Tribe, and Serafina was sent out to Exile, leaving behind Candy to try and strategize in case of another immunity loss.

At Exile, Serafina arrived to a badly damaged shelter knocked over by harsh winds. Clouds rolled over above her, and it began to rain. In a confessional, Serafina was cold and shaking from the rain. “They left me on Exile in the pouring rain! I’m not going to get the chance to look for the idol if this keeps up!”

Serafina took refuge in a small cave to escape the rain, and hoped she could find the idol inside. As she searched and searched, she was unable to find it, believing that it had to be hidden out in the beach.

At the next immunity challenge, a very sickly Serafina arrived to her Tribe. Candy asked her if she was okay, and she responded, stating that she did not get enough sleep and that she was feeling sick from the rainfall and surroundings of the previous night.

Igualapa finally won immunity, sending Acapulco to Tribal Council.

At the Acapulco camp, Sabrina stated that she was distraught to have lost the challenge. “We almost made it, guys! I bet you the merge is next and we didn’t immunity-run our way to it.”

An alarm went off in Bayani’s head when Sabrina mentioned “immunity running”. In a confessional, he stated that Sabrina was well known for winning challenges in Angola, as well as with Reed. “Those two were great at winning challenges, which makes them a huge threat at the merge.”

Ronnie, Amelia, Stephen, and Bayani met to discuss the vote. Bayonne suggested Reed because of his status in winning challenges, and Stephen agreed. “I was going to suggest Sabrina, but Reed going out is equally fine with me.”

Ronnie agreed to work with taking out Reed. In a confessional, Ronnie stated that he was excited to have won an idol from his trip to Exile. “The leader of the pack has an idol, and this is great for me because I can use it on any of my Chessmasters to keep them in the game, so as long as they remain loyal to me.”

Stephen left a confessional about his idol. “This is great, having an idol and all. I’ve become more outspoken, so now I have security in the form of an idol in case my outspokenness becomes an issue. And, if need be, I can play it on my allies to keep them safe.”

Amelia left a confessional about her idol. “I hope that my idol didn’t raise suspicion with anyone, but I feel like it’s going to keep me safe. If I have to, I’ll use it to keep myself safe...but how cool would it be to have it as an artifact from the game? To remember it by?”

Meanwhile, Alyssa, Sabrina, and Reed met and discussed taking out Amelia. Sabrina stated that she noticed Amelia stuffing something into her bra after the challenge, and the three agreed that it was a fishy move.

Reed talked about the vote in a confessional. “Amelia was really bad at the challenge today, which isn’t like her. She’s usually pretty good, so what Sabrina’s saying, even if it’s not true, has basis. Amelia was different today.”

Bayani met with the three, and they proposed blindsiding Amelia. Bayani agreed, and then sat down in a confessional to discuss the vote. “Should I work with Reed and Sabrina, knowing that they’re major threats? Both sides of this game seem to want me on their side, and if that’s the case, I’m the swing vote tonight!”

At Tribal Council, Jeff asked Amelia about her pitiful performance at the challenge. She stated that she was feeling sick from breakfast, stating that their food must have gone bad. “I’m feeling better now, though.”

Jeff informed them that the rain storm that occurred over night had a severe affect on Serafina on Exile, and then asked if it affected anyone else. Ronnie stated that it ruined some of the clothes on the Tribe, and that some people are having to play without shirts.

Ronnie, most specifically, pointed to Stephen, who was shirtless. Jeff asked him what he would do for clothes, and Stephen said that he hoped a future reward would provide him with comfort.

The votes were cast, and Reed found himself blindsided by Bayani with four votes against him, with the others going to Amelia.

In his exit interview, he stated that he was shocked to have been blindsided by a fellow Mongolia player. “Bayani is going for what killed his game the first time: the villainous route. He’s going to do himself in.”

At the next Exile Duel set, Jeff announced that the Tribes were officially merged. Both Tribes convened and exchanged hugs, as several former allies reunited and many that had never played together met for the first time.

While the exchange was heartwarming, Jeff announced that Exile Island was still in play. He stated that one person would not return to the merged camp immediately, and that instead, someone would go to Exile and spend the next day there, but that they would not return in time for immunity.

Sabrina nominated herself to take one for the team. “I’ll sit out of immunity and go to Exile, if that’s okay with everyone else.”

Everyone agreed, and Sabrina was given a map of Exile Island. She left, and the other nine competitors fled to their new merged camp.

At Exile, Sabrina arrived and began searching for the idol clue.

She searched inside of the shelter for it, and continued to search around the camp, destroying it to find the clue. “I need safety in this game, or I’m doomed. I have to make it to the end and win - for myself, for my family, and for my own personal honor.”

Sabrina continued to search, but was unable to find it.

At the new camp, Candy quickly made a move to save herself. Knowing she would be hard-pressed to win immunity, she met with Ronnie, Stephen, and Amelia. Ronnie asked her if she wanted to join them and Bayani in the Chessmasters 2.0 alliance, and she excitedly said yes.

Ronnie left a confessional about being in charge of the game. “I’m excited to be at the top, but it’s not going to last long. I know there will be a defector in the future...but for right now, we have five numbers including Candy. We need one more to secure the majority.”

Meanwhile, Serafina, Spencer, and Monica approached Alyssa about an alliance. She agreed, stating that Ronnie and his alliance was running the game. “I know Sabrina is on my side, so us five could take him out at the next Tribal if we needed to.”

The four agreed to an alliance together, and Monica commented in a confessional that things were looking up. “We have five now, and we need one more to take down Ronnie.”

At the first immunity challenge of the merge, Jeff brought Sabrina in from Exile but informed her that she was ineligible to compete. She sat out and watched as the nine others competed for first immunity.

Amelia won the first individual immunity, allowing her passage to the final nine. She cheered and received her necklace, and Jeff pointed out that she would rise from tenth place to at least ninth.

“Being immune tonight is the best feeling in the world - you have no idea!” Amelia cheered in a confessional. “Now we just need someone to work with us. I can’t risk losing my idol tonight by playing it on one of my allies.”

At camp, Spencer went to work on Bayani in an attempt to get him to flip to his side. He offered him a spot in the final three with himself and Monica, and Bayani took note of this. In a confessional, he stated that Spencer gave him ammunition to use against him in the vote. “We need someone to flip and work with us, so why not tell Serafina what Spencer has said to get her to trust us?”

Bayani met with Serafina and informed her of what Spencer told him. She did not believe it, and stated in a confessional that even if it were true, he said that to get him on their side. “Bayani is obviously not going to work, so we need a different plan to take down Ronnie.”

Sabrina, Alyssa, Serafina, Spencer, and Monica met together to discuss a way of getting Candy on their side. Monica stated in a confessional that she was worried for the vote because of how Candy was treated pre-merge. “We didn’t let her work with us. We tried to get her out several times, so she’s probably very aware that we’re her enemies. How can we get Amelia or Stephen to flip, then?” she asked her group.

While they formulated ideas, Ronnie, Stephen, Amelia, Candy, and Bayani discussed the vote. Bayani suggested that they had Serafina on their side, and that they hoped she would work with them. Stephen suggested voting out Monica for being a social threat.

“It doesn’t really matter which ones we take out, it just matters that someone gets out,” Ronnie responded to Stephen’s suggestion.

Alyssa and Sabrina met with Candy to discuss taking out Ronnie in a blindside. Candy asked why they wanted to do it, and Sabrina stated that he was running the game. Candy agreed to work with them, and asked who the other votes were. Alyssa reluctantly revealed that Serafina, Monica, and Spencer were working with them.

Candy left a confessional about the vote. “By taking Ronnie out, we’re working with the three people that completely outcast me from the competition in the early parts of the game. As a matter of fact, just a few days ago, I was in extreme danger. This is a really though provoking vote tonight.”

At Tribal Council, Jeff asked Candy about the vote. She stated that she was happy to be near the top of the voting chain because of being the swing vote. Ronnie asked what she meant, and Candy replied, stating that two sides of the game - both alliances - asked her to vote with them. “There’s a five-vote tie going here between two people tonight.”

Jeff asked them if anyone was willing to reveal who the vote was between, and Bayani openly stated that it was between Ronnie and Monica. “Serafina, I told you what Spencer said about you. Work with us.”

Serafina responded negatively, stating that she did not believe him.

This alarmed Ronnie. Throughout the voting process, he discovered that it was highly likely that the vote would tie or that Candy would flip on him and vote him out. After the votes were read, Ronnie stood and pulled out his idol. “I can’t risk going in a tie tonight or any of my allies going out by rocks. I’m playing my idol.”

Ronnie handed Jeff his idol and surprised everyone. Serafina, distraught, watched in awe as Monica cussed under her breath.

Jeff revealed the votes, and five against Ronnie were negated, indicating to him that Candy stayed with him. Another five votes went to Monica, eliminating her from the competition as the first jury member.

In her exit interview, Monica stated that she was surprised to have been idoled out of the game. “I can’t believe that just happened. But, I guess it would have went to rocks since Candy didn’t flip. I can’t say I’m too surprised, but for Ronnie to play an idol, that’s what shocked me.”

At the next immunity challenge, Jeff took back the necklace from Amelia and revealed that the winner would send someone in the game to Exile Island.

Ronnie won immunity, and decided to send Stephen to Exile. “I’m gonna’ send my man Stephen here to Exile. I figure he might get to look for the idol. We might need it.”

Stephen grabbed a map and headed out to Exile.

At Exile Island, Stephen commented that Ronnie did not know that he already had the idol. “I didn’t know he had one either, so this is going to be difficult to tell him. I need to look hard now, because if I don’t find an idol now, chances are, someone else will.”

Stephen spent the day searching round the camp, under rocks and under the flag of the camp, and discovered nothing. “I wonder...” he said as he noticed a large mountainous formation in the ocean. He swam out and scaled it to find an idol pouch tucked away under a rock.

He lifted it up and kissed it, and then pulled out the clue. “It’s hidden at camp...Oh my God,” Stephen said in sudden horror. “It’s hidden underneath the shelter.”

At camp, Amelia asked Ronnie about when he got his idol, and he revealed that it was hidden at camp after he got a clue during one of the challenges about trivia. Amelia understood, and stated to him that she had found an idol. Ronnie, surprised, hugged her and told her to keep it until one of the three (including Stephen) needed it. “We can use this to get us to the end.”

Candy, Ronnie, Bayani, and Amelia met inside of the shelter to discuss the vote for the night. Beneath them, the idol dangled from a small rope. Candy stated that Sabrina was a challenge threat, and the others agreed.

In a confessional, Candy stated that she wanted to get rid of Sabrina and Alyssa because of how she betrayed them. “I don’t need to rely on them in the future because I’ve already burned that bridge by not siding with them after last night. Serafina and Spencer are harmless right now.”

Ronnie agreed with voting out Sabrina, and told them that he would tell Stephen about the vote when he returned from Exile later on in the night.

Meanwhile, Alyssa and Sabrina met with Serafina and Spencer to discuss how they could sway the vote in their favor. Serafina stated that she would try and sway Candy and Bayani again, but Alyssa argued that it wouldn’t work. “We need to try and trick Stephen. Maybe we could make up a story about an argument that happened at camp.”

The others agreed, and Alyssa decided that she would relay the message.

Stephen returned from Exile, with his clue in his pocket, and immediately approached the shelter. However, Alyssa was there to greet him, and she informed him that a major fight broke out between Serafina and Candy. “Candy said some harsh stuff back there.”

Alyssa continued to try and tell him her story, but he seemed too focused on getting to the shelter. After Alyssa finished and left, she reported that she was unsure if it worked or not. “I told him to vote out Candy.”

In the shelter, Ronnie and the others of the Chessmasters informed Stephen that they were going to vote out Sabrina. He agreed, and asked the others if they would make room for him to take a nap before Tribal.

Bayani and Candy left the shelter to go swimming, and Amelia stood to go use the bathroom, leaving only Ronnie in the shelter. Stephen left a confessional about the idol. “I had to make an important decision here. I could either tell Ronnie about the idol and let him know I have two of them...or I could sneakily take it for myself.”

Stephen thought while he pretended to sleep. Ronnie did not leave the shelter until sunset, and so Stephen finally broke. “Ronnie, if you reach under the shelter and help me feel around, there’s an idol down there tied to the bottom.”

Shocked, Ronnie turned to see Stephen was actually wide awake, waiting for him to leave. “Help me.”

Stephen and Ronnie looked while seeming inconspicuous. Ronnie lifted out the idol from the shelter and untied the rope, and then he handed it to Stephen. Stephen opened it up and pulled out his second idol. Ronnie gave him a high five for it.

In a confessional, before Tribal, Ronnie stated that he was shocked that Stephen would inform him of his idol. “I think that creates trust between the two of us. Stephen says he’s reaching out of his comfort zone in this game, but as far as I can see, he’s just relying on me for things once again. That’s fine and all, I guess, because now I know he has an idol.”

At Tribal Council, Jeff asked Ronnie about the events at camp, and Ronnie explained that camp life was peaceful. Alyssa interjected, stating that a fight broke out, but Candy and Bayani both denied it happening. Stephen even stated that he did not believe it because the others were trying to get someone to flip against the Chessmasters.

After the votes were cast, Sabrina was voted out with five votes against her, with four against Candy. With that, Angola was the fourth season eliminated from the game.

In her exit interview, Sabrina stated that she was upset to have been taken out so early in the merge. “I couldn’t beat eighth place...”

At the next immunity challenge, Candy dominated over her peers and won immunity. Candy thought about who she would send to Exile, and Candy believed that she did not need the three head Chessmasters to get idols. In a confessional, she stated that her final three alliance was with Bayani and a soon-to-be third member. “Bayani and I are the ones working together at the final five, but we need one person to help us get to the end of the game.”

Candy chose to send Serafina to Exile, believing that it would make her weaker in the game from her previous illness gained from Exile.

Serafina was given a map and sent out to Exile Island.

At Exile, Serafina arrived to see the camp was finally still standing and not destroyed like her previous adventure out there. “I’m happy to at least have a place to sleep,” Serafina stated.

She searched around the shelter for the idol clue, and discovered it tucked away underneath a rock. She pulled it out and discovered that it had a small drawing on it instead of words. “This looks like one of the palm trees back at camp, but I don’t know where it could be. I just have to look when I get back, I guess.”

At camp, Alyssa and Spencer felt defeated. Alyssa commented that she could try once more to get the others to flip, and Spencer told her that he would try as well.

Alyssa took initiative. “If I’m going to get anywhere in this game, I have to go against Ronnie and take him out. I have one strategy left: and that is to take out Bayani or Candy.”

Alyssa sat with Ronnie, Stephen, and Amelia in the shelter while the others looked for food in the woods. She talked about how Candy and Bayani, who were obviously at the bottom of their alliance, were together in the game and were looking for members to join a final three alliance with them. “They’re obviously going to go against you at some point. You three are running the game.”

Amelia thought about it, and agreed with her in a confessional. “Candy and Bayani are trouble, and knowing Bayani, he’s going to do something drastic to flip the game. If Ronnie and Stephen will agree, we can take out Bayani tonight. That leaves us with the final seven and four allies. If Candy reneges to work with the others...I am willing to sacrifice my idol.”

Serafina arrived back at camp and immediately began searching for the idol without anyone knowing that she was back yet. She hunted underneath palm trees and around them for an idol.

Meanwhile, Stephen, Amelia, and Ronnie sat down together to discuss taking out Bayani. Amelia stated that she did not want to endanger the alliance, but revealed that she had an idol. Stephen revealed that he also had one, and Ronnie stated that he did not have one to save himself with.

Ronnie, worried, did not want to take out Bayani because he feared Candy would flip on them. “Relax,” Amelia began, “we are still going to the final three. If Candy flips on us and works with Serafina, Alyssa, and Spencer, we’ll just play an idol and take one of them out. It won’t be hard to find out who they’re targeting.”

Stephen also assured them that he would be on the lookout for Ronnie. Ronnie agreed to vote out Bayani, and Amelia left to tell Alyssa the news. Meanwhile, Stephen assured Ronnie that he would be safe. “I have two idols, Ronnie. I got one from my first visit to Exile and one from my recent visit. We’re fine.”

At Tribal Council, Jeff asked Serafina about how Exile Island was. She stated that it was annoying to be put out there, but that it was beneficial to the others because it gave them an extra day between challenges to talk about the vote. “It might explain why these votes are so strategy based.”

Jeff asked Ronnie about the vote, and Ronnie stated that he felt safe. “I think I know exactly who is going home tonight.”

After the votes were cast, Jeff read them and revealed Bayani was voted out with six votes against him, blindsiding both himself and Candy. Candy and Bayani were also revealed to have voted out Serafina. With this, Mongolia was officially eliminated from the competition.

In his exit interview, he stated that he was surprised to have been taken out. “I figured the Chessmasters were tighter than that, but for Ronnie to betray me shows his dishonesty.”

At the next immunity challenge, Amelia won the competition and left her competitors in the dust. She chose to send Ronnie to Exile Island in hopes that he would find himself an idol.

At Exile Island, Ronnie met with the shelter and sat inside to cool himself off after the intense challenge and long walk to the camp. “This is stressful. We’re at the final seven and I have to find myself an idol just in case Stephen decided not to use one of his on me.”

Ronnie searched around camp and discovered Serafina’s idol clue buried underneath a rock. Surprised, he pulled it up and noticed the same drawing. Since the idol had not been found, the same clue was reused.

At camp, Amelia and Stephen asked Candy if she was still working with them. She stated that she was upset about the Bayani blindside, and asked them why they wouldn’t tell her about it. “Obviously we couldn’t tell you, Candy. You two were aligned to the end of the game!” Amelia exclaimed.

Candy sat in a confessional and stated that she was finished with everyone in the game. “I’ve been hurt so many times by these people. First, I get outcast by my own Tribe, and now I get my best friend in the game blindsided without me even knowing about it. Right now, I’m playing for Candy.”

Candy met with Alyssa and explained that she was willing to work with her, but not Spencer or Serafina. Alyssa stated that taking Serafina to the end as a goat would be great for both of them, and Candy agreed to stick with that plan. “Spencer goes at the final four, and tonight, we take out Ronnie.”

Ronnie returned from camp and noticed Serafina searching for the idol near many palm trees in the area. In a confessional, he stated that he was surprised to see Serafina searching for his idol clue. “I think she didn’t find it, so it was reused. That means there’s about to be some competition.”

Ronnie asked Amelia and Stephen about the vote, and Stephen stated that Candy was not going to vote with them. Ronnie asked if they were going to vote her out, but Amelia suggested Alyssa. “Candy has enemies and not a lot of people like her enough to call her a friend. Alyssa is friends with all of us, even if she’s not a part of the alliance.”

Ronnie agreed, and left to go search for the idol at the palm trees. He noticed Serafina digging for the idol and began digging with her. Serafina, in an attempt to avoid him, began climbing the tree to search in the leaves. The cameras panned to a paper coconut made to look like a real coconut, and inside was the idol they sought.

At Tribal Council, Jeff asked Ronnie about his trip to Exile. He stated that he found an idol clue that Serafina was also hunting for, and that neither of them were able to find it. “It’s in the palm trees somewhere, Jeff.”

Jeff then turned his attention to Spencer. Spencer stated that the game was hard for him now because of the Chessmasters alliance. “Ronnie’s running the game, and he needs to go.”

Candy stated that Ronnie’s blindside on her ally, Bayani, was enough to make her leave the alliance. “Tonight, I’m through with them.”

Jeff noticed the ill-will against Ronnie, Amelia, and Stephen. Amelia justified it, stating that evil had to be done for someone to win the game. Amelia flaunted her immunity, and cheered that she was not going to go home.

Jeff called for votes, and everyone cast their decisions. He returned with the urn, and Ronnie looked to Stephen for an idol. Jeff prepared to read the votes, but Stephen’s conscience caught up with him. He interrupted Jeff and stood up. “I don’t know how the vote is going to fall tonight, but none of my fellow Chessmasters can go home.”

He pulled out both of his idols. He brought both to Jeff and stated that he was playing one for himself and one for Ronnie.

Jeff understood and read the votes. Alyssa, Serafina, Candy, and Spencer all were distraught. Alyssa found herself voted out with three votes against her, with the other four going to Ronnie. After she exited, Jeff congratulated Candy for rising in placement from seventh to at least sixth.

In her exit interview, Alyssa stated that she was upset to have been taken out by an idol. “It’s not like it wasn’t warranted, I guess, because I really was beginning to rise to power.”

At the final six, in a special two-episode show, the Survivors made the finale. The cameras pulled them aside to talk about their status in the game.

Stephen: “I’m playing harder this season than I’ve played before, and I think people are starting to see it. I need to get to the end again with Ronnie if I want a chance.”

Amelia: “I’ve played for so much longer this time, and without my brother here to hinder me, I feel like I’m playing a better and much stronger game.”

Ronnie: “The Chessmasters are prevailing once again, only this time, when I’m in the finals, I’m going to win.”

Candy: “I’ve fought hard since the very first day, but because I’ve been exiled by people so many times, I’m left without friends in this game. I’m forced to work with Spencer and Serafina now.”

Spencer: “This game has been difficult, but I’m proud to have made it so far. I hope I can get to the end and win this time.”

Serafina: “Villains always have more fun when it comes to Survivor, but this season I’m not having any fun. It’s stressful, and I’ve been so sick. I need to get to the end and show that my perseverance is enough to let me win.”

At the first challenge of the finale, the final six prepared for the immunity. Amelia won the challenge, and Jeff announced that the Exile Island twist was officially over. The six returned to camp to decide on how the night would go.

At camp, every single competitor made a beeline for the palm trees to hunt for the idol. They climbed them, searched under them, inside of their holes, and even at the tops in the leaves.

It was Stephen that noticed the false coconut dangling from the tree, and he grabbed it and climbed down safely. He announced that he had given up and went to camp to crack the coconut open to eat it. He began to rip off the paper fibers and noticed that, inside, was an idol. “I’ve got my third idol right here in my hands. This is crucial for me tonight.”

After a long search, they all eventually tired and returned to camp. Ronnie, Amelia, and Stephen discussed the vote, and they agreed to vote out Candy. Stephen informed the two others that a tie was highly likely tonight unless someone did something.

In a confessional, Stephen stated that he did not want to play his idol to stop the tie. “I need this in the final five just in case I decide to flip against Ronnie and Amelia and take one of them out. I have to ensure that I win this.”

Stephen told the two that he would stop a tie from happening, and pulled Amelia aside to go with him. Ronnie watched as Stephen and Amelia approached Spencer and Serafina in the woods.

In the woods, Stephen proposed an alliance to blindside Candy. Serafina asked him about why they wouldn’t vote out Ronnie instead, and Amelia informed her that Candy came to the Chessmasters and asked to re-align to take out Serafina.

In a confessional, Serafina revealed more of the conversation. “They think I’m a goat, so they want to take me to the end and take out Candy and Ronnie. They said that Candy was more of a threat to win than him because he had made so many enemies.”

Serafina and Spencer agreed to the blindside of Candy, and after dispersing, talked about the decision. Spencer stated that he was unsure of trusting them after they had been aligned all this time, but Serafina stated that she had hope. “I feel like Stephen wants to win over Ronnie, so he’s going against him to make a big move and prove a point.”

At Tribal Council, Jeff asked Candy about the vote. Candy stated that it was fairly straightforward, and that Ronnie needed to go. “He’s been running things this whole time!”

Stephen, who sat next to Spencer and Serafina, whispered that Ronnie found the idol and that they were trying to trick them into pulling off an idol blindside. After the votes were tallied, Jeff revealed them. Ronnie did not play an idol, and Candy was voted out unanimously.

In her exit interview, she stated that she was surprised to have made it to the final six. “At least I made it this far. Thirty-three days, guys! I made it thirty-three days!”

With that, Zimbabwe was eliminated.

At the next immunity challenge, Serafina surprised everyone by winning immunity.

At camp, Ronnie stated that he was worried about Serafina possibly winning the final four immunity challenge. Amelia contested that she would do her best to defeat her.

Meanwhile, Stephen, Amelia, Spencer, and Serafina solidified their votes for Ronnie. “Ronnie has to go tonight. It’s simple,” Stephen stated.

However, Amelia and Stephen met back with Ronnie and assured to him that he was safe. They agreed to vote out Spencer.

At Tribal Council, Jeff asked all five about their plans for the Final Tribal Council. “Two of you are going to drop very soon, and three of you will go to the finals. What’s the plan?”

Ronnie stated that he needed to bring his Chessmasters to the end. “It’s obvious that I’m aligned with Amelia and Stephen. We’re going to the end together.”

Meanwhile, Serafina argued that, to win, one would need to bring a goat to the finals. “I’m an excellent goat to take to the end. If you go to the end with Ronnie, you’re guaranteed to lose against him.”

The votes were cast, and Stephen stood to play his idol. “Just in case.”

Stephen used it, but no votes were against him. Spencer was voted out with three votes against him, with two going against Ronnie. “Big mistake, man,” Spencer said to Stephen on his way out.

In his exit interview, Spencer stated that he was surprised that all three Familial Values players had made it so far. “This has been a tough and shocking game, and I’m surprised to see these people all here.”

At the final four immunity challenge, Serafina knew she needed to win to get herself to the end of the game. “I’m not about to lose in fourth place.”

Amelia won the final immunity challenge, leaving Serafina to feel defeated. At camp, Serafina once again argued that she was an excellent goat to Stephen and Amelia. “Taking Ronnie to the end is going to ruin you both.”

This angered Stephen. In a confessional, he ranted about how he wasn’t being noticed for his moves in the game. “Everyone keeps talking about how Ronnie is the one ruining everyone’s games and being a major threat and all...but what about me? If it wasn’t for me, he wouldn’t even BE here!”

Amelia thought hard about her decision, and decided that Ronnie would win over her at the end.

At Tribal Council, Amelia shocked everyone by voting Ronnie out. Ronnie asked her why she would betray him, and she stated that it had to be done. “I have to win this game.”

Ronnie and Serafina, with two votes each, went to fire-making. After a two-hour long duel, Serafina was defeated by Ronnie, making his alliance one of the most successful in the series.

At the Final Tribal Council, Jeff commented that he was shocked to see all three of the loved ones that returned from Familial Values in the finals. “All three of you survived to the end, and two of you have been here before.”

The finalists gave their speeches, and the jury tore into them.

Stephen was praised for being more outgoing and for finding three idols in the game, but criticized for not being one to make big moves. This upset Stephen, and he stated that without him, Ronnie would not have been there. Potentially, his yelling harmed his jury votes.

Amelia was praised for winning challenges and playing an excellent social game, but criticized for not making a big move until the final four, when it didn’t even work. Amelia also revealed that she had an idol that she did not use because she was never in danger.

Ronnie was praised for controlling the game and for sticking to one alliance to the end, but criticized for not flipping and making bigger moves.

The jury cast their votes, and in the end, it tied between Amelia and Ronnie. Despite everyone believing Amelia had played a far better game, Stephen voted for his best friend, Ronnie, to win the game.

=======ALL STARS=======
Sterling Sessions [17th]
Demetrius Saylor [16th]
Stanton Westbrook [15th]
Tequila Charlton [14th]
Penelope Carranza [13th]
Debbie Furman [12th]
Reed Lewandowski [11th]
Monica Zaragoza [10th]
Bayani Stewart [9th]
Alyssa Mahaffey [7th]
Candy Carlswell [6th]
Spencer McLaughlin [5th]
Serafina Gardener [4th]
Stephen Hubbard [3rd]
Amelia McCarthy [2nd]
Ronnie Burton [1st]

DAY 1: Candy Carlswell & Bayani Stewart [LOST TO RONNIE] {IDOL CLUE: CANDY}
DAY 5: Spencer McLaughlin & Sabrina McCarthy [LOST TO REED] {IDOL CLUE: SPENCER}
DAY 8: Stanton Westbrook & Alyssa Mahaffey [LOST TO MONICA] {IDOL CLUE: ALYSSA}
DAY 10: Penelope Carranza & Stephen Hubbard [LOST TO DEBBIE] {IDOL CLUE: STEPHEN}
DAY 20: Serafina Gardener [LOST TO REED] {IDOL CLUE: NOT FOUND}
DAY 23: Sabrina McCarthy {IDOL CLUE: NOT FOUND}
DAY 26: Stephen Hubbard {IDOL CLUE: FOUND}
DAY 29: Serafina Gardener {IDOL CLUE: FOUND}
DAY 32: Ronnie Burton {IDOL CLUE: FOUND}

18th - Chadrick Gruber [Singapore, 1st] [ACAPULCO] [1st Voted Out Day 3] [4*-1-1|3-1] [4 Votes]
17th - Sterling Sessions [Kenya, 1st] [CUAUTEPEC] [2nd Voted Out Day 6] [4-2] [4 Votes]
16th - Demetrius Saylor [Cote D’Ivoire, 8th] [IGUALAPA] [3rd Voted Out Day 9] [4-2] [4 Votes]
15th - Stanton Westbrook [Kenya, 5th] [ACAPULCO] [4th Voted Out Day 11] [3-2] [3 Votes]
-------TRIBES DISSOLVE-------
14th - Tequila Charlton [Kenya, 7th] [IGUALAPA] [IGUALAPA] [5th Voted Out Day 13] [4-3] [4 Votes]
13th - Penelope Carranza [Mongolia, 2nd] [ACAPULCO] [IGUALAPA] [6th Voted Out Day 15] [3-3|3-1] [8 Votes]
12th - Debbie Furman [Laos, 2nd] [CUAUTEPEC] [IGUALAPA] [7th Voted Out Day 18] [3-2] [3 Votes]
11th - Reed Lewandowski [Mongolia, 6th] [CUAUTEPEC] [ACAPULCO] [8th Voted Out Day 21] [4-3] [4 Votes]
-------MERGE + JURY-------
10th - Monica Zaragoza [Bali, 6th] [IGUALAPA] [IGUALAPA] [9th Voted Out Day 24] [5*-5] [5 Votes] [STEPHEN]
9th - Sabrina McCarthy [Angola, 8th] [IGUALAPA] [ACAPULCO] [10th Voted Out Day 27] [5-4] [5 Votes] [RONNIE]
8th - Bayani Stewart [Mongolia, 4th] [IGUALAPA] [ACAPULCO] [11th Voted Out Day 30] [6-2] [8 Votes] [RONNIE]
7th - Alyssa Mahaffey [Singapore, 4th] [CUAUTEPEC] [ACAPULCO] [12th Voted Out Day 33] [4*-3] [3 Votes] [RONNIE]
6th - Candy Carlswell [Zimbabwe, 7th] [ACAPULCO] [IGUALAPA] [13th Voted Out Day 36] [5-1] [15 Votes] [1 WIN] [AMELIA]
5th - Spencer McLaughlin [Bali, 5th] [ACAPULCO] [IGUALAPA] [14th Voted Out Day 37] [3-2] [3 Votes] [AMELIA]
4th - Serafina Gardener [Bali, 2nd] [CUAUTEPEC] [IGUALAPA] [15th Voted Out (FIRE) Day 38] [2-2|FIRE] [13 Votes] [AMELIA]
3rd - Stephen Hubbard [Familial Values, 3rd] [IGUALAPA] [ACAPULCO] [2nd Runner Up Day 39 | 1 Jury Vote] [0 Votes] [RONNIE]
2nd - Amelia McCarthy [Familial Values, 10th] [ACAPULCO] [ACAPULCO]  [1st Runner Up Day 39 | 3 Jury Votes] [5 Votes] [3 WINS] [IDOL]
1st - Ronnie Burton [Familial Values, 2nd] [CUAUTEPEC] [ACAPULCO] [Winner Day 39 | 4 Jury Votes] [14 Votes] [1 WIN]

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