Rhiannon Seabrooke is a Houseguest on Big Brother 4 - America's Choice. She was best known for being an early fan-favorite because of her extremely quirky personality. Early on in the game, she became good friends with Ophelia Winthrop and created a majority alliance that rivaled Brett Thompsett. They made the decision to save Kayleigh Abernathy from the first eviction and inducted her. During Week Three, Rhiannon was inducted into America's Alliance, but she was quickly nominated for eviction by Braeden Oliverson. She faced eviction against two other of America's favorites, Alexander Scarlett and Brett Thompsett, and as a result, she received America's vote at eviction, alongside several others, eliminating her from the competition third. Despite her early exit, she has received a cult following on Twitter.

Season FourEdit

Rhiannon's Game History
Week House Status
1 Regular Houseguest
Voted: Shelby
2 Regular Houseguest
Voted: Brett
3 Nominated
Received: Matthew, Michelle,
Braeden, Kayleigh, America
Evicted, Day 19

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