Reggie Matthews is a Houseguest on Big Brother Three - Secrets & Spies. At the start of the game, he, along with Minerva Leighton and Reilly Oliverson, sided with the Survivors to get deeper into the game. However, after just one week of working with them, he tried to eliminate Catherine Eggleston, one of the Survivors, and it backfired. He worked with the new Houseguest from then-on to eliminate the Survivors, and it worked when he voted out Malakai, but found himself evicted when Kip Wilkes nominated him. In Week Seven, a returnee competition was held, and Reggie returned to the game as the new Head of Household. Instead of exacting revenge, he tried to make up with Kip and Vicki Stewart by nominating two of Catherine's side allies. For the rest of the jury stage of the game, Reggie was either nominated or the Head of Household, as the Houseguests were conflicted on him staying in the game despite being previously evicted. However, he managed to get to the final three with the two remaining Survivors, and went to the final two against the very person who evicted him. Despite being previously evicted, the Jury felt that Reggie had played a strong game after returning and was worthy of winning the game, and he became the third winner of the series.

Big Brother Season ThreeEdit

Reggie's Game History
Week House Status
1 Regular Houseguest
Voted: Whitney
2 Head of Household
Initial Nominees: Jules and Evelyn
Power of Veto
Used: On Jules
Final Nominees: Catherine and Evelyn
3 Regular Houseguest
Voted: Malakai
4 Regular Houseguest
Voted: Amber
5 Nominated
Received: Vicki, Minerva, Jules,
Catherine, Alpha
Evicted, Day 33
7 (Part 1) Returned to the Game
Head of Household
Initial Nominees: Catherine and Jules
Final Nominees: Alpha and Jules
7 (Part 2) Nominated
Received: Kip
8 Nominated
Received: -
9 Co-Head of Household
Initial Nominee: Catherine
Final Nominee: Catherine
10 Nominated
Received: -
11 (Part 1) Nominated
Received: -
11 (Part 2) Head of Household
Nominees: Vicki and Kip
Voted: Vicki

Jury Votes
For Reggie

Minerva, Catherine,
Barry, Jules
Winner, Day 76