Ophelia Winthrop is a Houseguest on Big Brother Four - America's Choice.

In Big Brother Four - America's Choice, Ophelia started the game quietly, introducing herself to the Houseguests and discussing her Irish heritage. She was initially isolated because of how she talked, but quickly found a friend in Rhiannon Seabrooke. Ophelia became a key player in saving Kayleigh Abernathy when more than half of the house were against her, but she would later regret this move when Rhiannon was sent home by Kayleigh's hand. After leading Kayleigh's eviction, Ophelia was inducted into America's Alliance, alongside Brett Thompsett, and she became a power player and orchestrated several evictions. Eventually, she flipped on America's Alliance and orchestrated the evictions of several of her former allies. Despite flipping on America's supposed favorites, she gained favor from the jury and was the ideal winner, but she was evicted in fourth place after Bambi Branson won Head of Household and sent her to the jury house.

Season FourEdit

Ophelia's Game History
Week House Status
1 Power of Veto
Used: On Kayleigh
Voted: Shelby
2 Head of Household
Initial Nominees: Brett and Matthew
Final Nominees: Brett and Matthew
3 Regular Houseguest
Voted: Brett
4 Regular Houseguest
Voted: Kayleigh
5 Power of Veto
Used: On Matthew
Voted: Braeden
6 Regular Houseguest
Voted: Kevin
7 (Part 1) Immunity
Voted: Michelle
7 (Part 2) Regular Houseguest
Voted: Alexander
8 Head of Household
Initial Nominees: Brett and Matthew
Final Nominees: Brett and Matthew
9 Power of Veto
Used: On Herself
Voted: Matthew
10 Nominated
Received: Bambi
Evicted, Day 64

Voted For


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