Melissa Becnel is a competitor on Survivor: Mayotte, Survivor: Fans vs Favorites, Survivor: Generations, and Survivor: Legends.

Melissa first competed in Survivor: Mayotte, but was seen as too sneaky by her original Tribe and was the first person voted out of the season. Due to the Ghost Tribe twist, however, Melissa managed to become excellent friends with Erich Galvan and survived with him on the Tribe to the final duel, where she was eliminated after almost rejoining the game.

Melissa returned in Survivor: Fans vs Favorites, where she played a more strategic game but managed to fly under the radar with her main ally, Eliseo Kimmel. At the merge, despite being targetted early on, her relationship with her fellow Favorites allowed her to survive and continue on in the game with her alliance with Eliseo, Nadine Williamson, and Tabitha Maldonado. After deciding to flip against them, however, she managed to accidentaly have Eliseo blindsided, leaving her to align with the Fans. Inevitably, this decision to flip allowed her to get to the final two of the game, where she won over the jury votes of over half of the jury to win the game.

She played for a third time in Survivor: Generations, returning on the second generation Kanpur Tribe. She became one of very few contestants to remain on an immune Tribe the entire pre-merge portion of the game, but once she reached the merge, she teamed up with Erich Galvan to reunite their alliance in Mayotte, along with all the other winners in the game to take out the non-winners. Once this alliance crumbled and Erich was eliminated, however, she relied on her social interactions to keep herself alive. She managed to sway former ally and enemy Tony Burns back to her side, and the two agreed to go to the end together. She reached the Final Tribal Council for the second time, but ultimately was given second place since Tony Burns was seen as a better player of the game.

Melissa returned once more in Survivor: Legends, with her legend notably being for returning from being voted out first and winning Fans vs Favorites. This season, she maintained her aggressive gameplay persona, voting off her showmace Erich Galvan first and maintaining her power by siding with Jolene Delarosa to eliminate all players that stood in her path. At the merge, she attempted to maintain her power and control over the others, but Jolene decided to flip against her, ultimately causing her elimination instead of ridding of the target, Jordan Samuels.


Melissa's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Hubert  Derrick, Katherine, Hubert,
Garret, Marcellus
Voted Out, Day 3
3 Ineligible -
4 Tamiko Ghost Tribe Winner
5 Ineligible -
6 Isiah Ghost Tribe Winner
7 Ineligible -
8 Lost Final Duel
Eliminated, Day 26

Fans vs FavoritesEdit

Melissa's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Pathein Tribe Immune
2 Kayla -
3 Pathein Tribe Immune
4 Pathein Tribe Immune
5 Tyler -
6 Pathein Tribe Immune
7 Jessie Jessie
8 Shirley Shirley, Sabrina, Maple,
9 Sabrina -
10 Maple -
11 Nadine -
12 Tabitha Nadine, Tabitha
13 Brenton -
14 Ineligible -

Jury Votes
for Melissa

Sabrina, Eliseo, Tabitha,
Brenton, Nadine
Sole Survivor, Day 39


Melissa's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Kanpur Tribe Immune
2 Kanpur Tribe Immune
3 Kanpur Tribe Immune
4 Kanpur Tribe Immune
5 Varanasi Tribe Immune
6 Varanasi Tribe Immune
7 Varanasi Tribe Immune
8 Gloria Individual Immunity
9 Kelley Kelley, Woo-Shi, Eliseo,
10 Opal -
11 Tony Individual Immunity
12 Tony -
13 Woo-Shi Ivan, Eliseo
14 Eliseo -
Ivan -

Jury Votes
for Melissa

Gloria, Erich, Eliseo
1st Runner Up, Day 39


Melissa's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Erich -
Ivan -
2 Mercy;
Cordelia, Percy, Jolene, Mercy;
Cordelia, Percy, Jolene;
3 Pontianak Tribe Immune
4 Pontianak Tribe Immune
5 Pontianak Tribe Immune
6 Florence -
7 Pontianak Tribe Immune
8 Samarinda Tribe Immune
9 Jordan Cordelia, Percy, Jolene, Nadine,
Vicki, Jordan, Naomi
Voted Out, Day 25
Voted For
Sole Survivor

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