Marina Washington is a competitor on Survivor: Patagonia and Survivor: Somalia.

In Survivor: Patagonia, Marina, along with her main ally Fabienne HoHang, discovered the first piece of a hidden immunity idol that would only be fulfilled by discovering the other idol half on a swapped Tribe. The two successfully forged the only hidden immunity idol in the game, which was discovered quickly and caused immense controversy on the Ushuaia Tribe. Because of her over the top personality, she received many votes in the two Tribal Councils she visited in the game and was involved in five tied votes before finally being eliminated from the game.

Marina returned as a Favorite in Survivor: Somalia, where she quickly gained the ire of her fellow Tribemates because she wandered off on her own many times. After befriending and later blindsiding Audrey Weaver, her only friend on the island, she went on the merge to go against every Favorite in the game, inevitably being seen as a goat for her foolish gameplay and made the Final Tribal Council where she received zero jury votes to win.

Marina also currently holds the record for most votes against a competitor in one season at 22 votes.


Marina's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Neuquen Tribe Immune
2 Killian;
Kimberly, Killian, Archer;
Kimberly, Michelle, Archer;
Kimberly, Michelle, Archer
3 Neuquen Tribe Immune
4 Neuquen Tribe Immune
5 Ushuaia Tribe Immune
6 Ushuaia Tribe Immune
7 Michelle;
Kimberly, Redmond, Michelle, Topher;
Kimberly, Redmond, Topher;
Kimberly, Callaghan, Stephenie,
Redmond, Fabienne, Topher
Voted Out, Day 18


Marina's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Michael Ryland, Cornelius, Michael
2 Hargeisa Tribe Immune
3 Audrey Va'Silki, Forrest,
Cornelius, Audrey
4 Ryland;
5 Cullen Cullen
6 Sebastian Trafford, Sebastian
7 Cornelius;
Ryland, Forrest, Cornelius;
8 Kismayo Tribe Immune
9 Nolan -
10 Sebastian -
11 Forrest -
12 Va'Silki;
13 Va'Silki -
14 Catherine -
15 Va'Silki;
Trafford -
Emmeline -
Jury Votes
For Marina
Second Runner Up, Day 39