Lucas Thornton is a competitor on Survivor: Fans vs Favorites, Survivor: Unfinished Business, and Survivor: Civil War.

In Survivor: Fans vs Favorites, Lucas failed in the first challenge of the game and did not earn the favor of his tribe, leading to him being the first person voted out of the season.

Due to popular demand of the fans, Lucas was given a second chance in Survivor: Unfinished Business. He assumed a more aggressive game, flipping constantly to work with fellow allies Isabelle Holloway and Arlene Sparks. While he worked with both at different times, he managed to keep them both as enemies to each other throughout the entire game, leading to him surviving with both sides as a vital ally to the final two. Unfortunately for him, in the end, Arlene realized that the jury would respect his conniving gameplay, leading to her voting him out on Day 38 - just one day short of the Final Tribal Council.

Lucas returned with his sister, Angelina "Angie" Outerridge, in Survivor: Civil War. As soon as he entered the game, he quickly reverted into his anxious shell and allowed his sister, Angie, to make all of the moves for him. He formed an alliance with Callaghan Zimmerman and his brother, Heath Zimmerman, and the four managed to work together until the third Tribal Council, when Angie decided to blindside Callaghan. When the vote deadlocked against he and Allyson Demelza, Lucas finally told his sister to stop playing the game for him, and felt that he did not need to compete in the season, demanding they draw rocks to find out if it was worth staying around. Lucas ultimately drew the orange rock and was eliminating, confirming his idea that he was not meant to win the game.

Fans vs FavoritesEdit

Lucas's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Debbie Rayford, Sabrina, Misty,
Maple, Debbie
Voted Out, Day 3

Unfinished BusinessEdit

Lucas's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Francisco Individual Immunity
2 Gondar Tribe Immune
3 Wallace -
4 Moyale Tribe Immune
5 Moyale Tribe Immune
6 Moyale Tribe Immune
7 Moyale Tribe Immune
8 Sonny -
9 Stephen -
10 Joe Individual Immunity
11 Ginger -
12 Regina -
13 Major -
14 Lorilee -
Chassidy -
Ineligible Arlene
Voted Out, Day 38

Voted For
Sole Survivor


Civil WarEdit

Lucas's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Art -
2 Bo -
3 Callaghan;
Eliminated, Day 9

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