Kristen Moss is a competitor on Survivor: Zimbabwe, Survivor: Prospectors, and Survivor: Civil War.

In Survivor: Zimbabwe, Kristen was chosen to be a member of the Harare Tribe, which she was less than thrilled about. After losing the challenge, Orville Castro apologized publically for his failure and made promises to do better, which caused Kristen to liken him to a foolish presidential candidate that made false promises. This rubbed her Tribe the wrong way, and she was voted out first by nearly everyone because of her negativity and general snarkiness.

Kristen returned as a member of the Pre-Jurors Tribe in Survivor: Prospectors. At the start of the game, she remained mostly quiet so that she would not make enemies that would target her early on. This strategy worked for her up until the reveal that two Tribes would go to Tribal Council and vote only one person off. After the Pre-Jurors lost alongside the Finalists, Kristen was forced to mingle with the others and targeted Kelleigh Quick. After being switched to vote for Syd Parsley, the vote tied between herself and Syd in a surprise vote. Kristen discovered that Kelleigh had tricked her and likened her to an assassin, and due to this spontaneous action, Kelleigh led the entirety of both Tribes to vote her out first.

She returned again in Survivor: Civil War with her sister, Lulu Moss. This time, Kristen managed to get placed on the dominant Tribes before and after the swap, allowing her to develop crucial relationships that helped her out at the merge. She managed to form an alliance with Giovanna "Gigi" Baumann and Penelope Carranza, which used their loved ones to eliminate Erich Galvan. After his elimination, Penelope flipped on them and eliminate Gigi, but maintained loyalty to Kristen for several more rounds until the final six, when Ambros Baumann was blindsided by her. Kristen fought hard to win immunities to secure her safety, but it was not enough, as she was eliminated in fifth place.

Kristen is the second person to be voted out first twice, following Percy Burton, the first person ever eliminated from Survivor and first person eliminated from Survivor: Second Chances. However, unlike Percy, she got fifth place her third time around.


Kristen's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Orville Christian, Ricardo,
Andrew, Orville
Voted Out, Day 3


Kristen's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Syd;
Jerold, Bo, Syd, Blaine;
Taylor, Jerold, Bo, Kelleigh,
Jocelyn, Blaine, Robbie
Voted Out, Day 3

Civil WarEdit

Kristen's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Chinguetti Tribe Immune
2 Chinguetti Tribe Immune
3 Chinguetti Tribe Immune
4 Chinguetti Tribe Immune
5 Gigi -
6 Zouerat Tribe Immune
7 Zouerat Tribe Immune
8 Zouerat Tribe Immune
9 Timothy -
Ineligible Ineligible
10 Erich -
11 Erich -
12 Heath -
13 Langdon Individual Immunity
14 Ambrose Individual Immunity
15 Heath Penelope, Quincy,
Voted Out, Day 37

Voted For
Sole Survivor