Jeremiah Singleton is a competitor on Survivor: Sri Lanka, Survivor: Heroes vs Villains, and Survivor: Legends.

In Survivor: Sri Lanka, Jeremiah started out on the failure Moratuwa Tribe, where he initially was aligned against Jolene Delarosa. However, over time, he found her to be a crucial ally to his game, aligning with her at the merge to get to the end together as the sole survivors of the Moratuwa Tribe. However, after several rounds of working together, Jolene turned against him in a shocking blindside, causing him to not vote for her to win the game.

Jeremiah returned as a Hero in Survivor: Heroes vs Villains. After trying heavily to eliminate Cordelia, Jeremiah realized that he was slowly making himself more and more isolated to the Heroes Tribe that would align at the merge. He played an idol pre-merge and eliminated Kip Wilkes, and proceeded to flip against the Heroes at the merge to ensure his own safety. This, however, earned him the ire of the surviving Heroes, and they worked together against him late in the game to eliminate him because of his threatening wishy-washy status.

Once again, Jeremiah returned in Survivor: Legends, with his legacy being his likable personality and gameplay in Heroes vs Villains. Jeremiah began the game by assisting Melissa Becnel in finding her idol, ultimately claiming it for himself. He flew under everyone's radar, avoiding votes until the merge, where he continued to play strategically even with his main ally, Melissa, out of the game. He reformed the "Core Four" alliance from the start of the game with Hannah Duncan, Christopher Scott, and Nadine Williamson. After controlling the game for several rounds, starting with an idol play on his ally, Hannah, to eliminate Naomi, an idol play from Vicki Stewart flipped the alliance upside down, resulting in back-to-back eliminations from all of the members. When he succeeded in eliminating Vicki, he felt that he would make the end of the game with his ally Nadine and new ally Percy Burton. However, Percy's loyalty to Cordelia caused him to be eliminated just one day short of the Final Tribal Council.

Sri LankaEdit

Jeremiah's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Jolene;
2 Debbi -
3 Terrence -
4 Moratuwa Tribe Immune
5 Caprice -
6 Matara Tribe Immune
7 Matara Tribe Immune
Lawrence -
8  Terrence -
9 Malcolm Vernita, Rebecca, Malcolm
10 Latoya -
11 Rebecca -
12 Royce Irene, Jolene,
Rufina, Royce, Vernita
Voted Out, Day 36

Voted For
Sole Survivor


Heroes vs VillainsEdit

Jeremiah's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Amos Trinidad, Amos
2 Heroes Tribe Immune
3 Heroes Tribe Immune
4 Cordelia -
5 Heroes Tribe Immune
6 Heroes Tribe Immune
7 Cordelia -
8 Cordelia -
9 Kip Cordelia, Ashley, Florence,
Naomi, Kip
10 Naomi -
11 Lindsey;
Individual Immunity
12 Tony -
13 Florence;
14 Vicki Lindsey, Cordelia,
Vicki, Ashley
Voted Out, Day 34
Voted For
Sole Survivor


Jeremiah's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Erich -
Ivan -
2 Mercy;
3 Pontianak Tribe Immune
4 Pontianak Tribe Immune
5 Ashlee -
6 Samarinda Tribe Immune
7 Samarinda Tribe Immune
8 Ronnie -
9 Jordan -
10 Naomi -
11 Jordan -
13 Vicki -
14 Vicki -
15 Vicki -
16 Cordelia -
Cordelia Cordelia, Percy, Jolene
Voted Out, Day 38
Voted For
Sole Survivor

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