Giovanna "Gigi" Baumann is a competitor on Survivor: Patagonia, Survivor: War of the Worlds, and Survivor: Civil War.

In Survivor: Patagonia, Gigi joined an alliance with Callaghan Zimmerman, Stephenie Valencia, and Jason Bennett. Throughout the pre-merge, she worked with this alliance until the swap, when she worked to hide in the background of the Neuquen Tribe until the merge, where she reunited herself with her alliance. They proceeded to work together to dominate the game, up until the finale, when Gigi decided to make a big move to outshine her allies. She blindsided Jason Bennett with the help of Callaghan Zimmerman, and proceeded to become an underdog briefly as the allies she had betrayed turned on her. Unable to win the final immunity, Gigi was eliminated in fourth place just before Final Tribal Council.

Gigi returned in Survivor: War of the Worlds, where she became friends with Marceline Blackburn and remained by her side the entire game. While lying lower and making fewer moves than in her previous season, she still managed to make friends with most of the cast and avoid being targeted until the finals, when Marceline had flipped to work with her Sierra Leone alliance of Darlene Gilbert and Christopher Scott. In the finale, Gigi was set to go, but Marceline flipped against her allies to save her, but ultimately failed, leaving Gigi out of the game in fifth place.

In Survivor: Civil War, Gigi returned to the game again, this time with her brother, Ambrose Baumann. Gigi remained on the dominant Tribes, maintaining immunity for almost every pre-merge round of the game. After Marceline developed an early infatuation for her, Ambrose tried to create a move behind Gigi's back to eliminate Marceline before a target could be placed on his sister's back. However, Marceline got herself eliminated, but this was not the end of his strategizing. At the merge, Gigi joined the majority alliance with Kristen Moss, Lulu Moss, and Penelope Carranza, alongside her brother. However, shortly after their first victory of eliminating Erich Galvan, Ambrose caught wind that Gigi was going to use him for an extra Jury vote near the end of the game. Feeling betrayed by his sister, he created a plan to blindside her in order to further his own game, which succeeded.


Gigi's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Mila Alice, Janelle, Mila
2 Ushuaia Tribe Immune
3 Damian Redmond, Topher,
Janelle, Damian
4 Janelle -
5 Wyatt -
6 Amanda -
7 Neuquen Tribe Immune
8 Neuquen Tribe Immune
9 Neuquen Tribe Immune
10 Archer -
11 Killian -
12 Michelle -
13 Alice -
14 Redmond -
15 Jason -
Stephenie Callaghan, Stephenie
Callaghan Kimberly, Callaghan
Voted Out, Day 38
Voted For
Sole Survivor

War of the WorldsEdit

Gigi's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Lichinga Tribe Immune
2 Lichinga Tribe Immune
3 Stanford -
4 Alexis -
5 Vic Vic
6 Lichinga Tribe Immune
7 Lichinga Tribe Immune
8 Marcello -
9 Allyson;
10 Darlene;
11 Darlene -
12 Stephenie -
13 Darlene -
14 Christopher Christopher, Darlene
Voted Out, Day 37

Voted For
Sole Survivor


Civil WarEdit

Gigi's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Chinguetti Tribe Immune
2 Chinguetti Tribe Immune
3 Chinguetti Tribe Immune
4 Chinguetti Tribe Immune
5 Allyson Kristen, Allyson
6 Zouerat Tribe Immune
7 Zouerat Tribe Immune
8 Zouerat Tribe Immune
9 Timothy Timothy, Erich
Ineligible Ineligible
10 Erich Angie
11 Erich Individual Immunity
12 Heath Penelope, Langdon,
Ambrose, Quincy, Heath
Voted Out, Day 30

Voted For
Sole Survivor