Contestant Original Team
Team Shuffle Team Shuffle #2 New Zealand Jury Finish Votes Against
RavenCast Raven Longland
26, Dallas, TX
1st Voted Out
Day 3
HaleyCast Haley Pellifer
38, Long Island, NY
2nd Voted Out
Day 6
ThomasCast Thomas Edwards
33, Wave, MI
3rd Voted Out
Day 9
HowardCast Howard Belle
43, Chicago, IL
Bello 4th Voted Out
Day 12
DebbieCast Debbie Waynes
34, Syracuse, NY
Bello Evacuated
Day 15
MacyCast Macy Hikashi
32, Delta, PA
Bello Bello 5th Voted Out
Day 15
LoraCast Lora Umbridge
31, Los Angeles, CA
Máchi Bello 6th Voted Out
Day 18
LeeCast Lee Takalani
27, Hopkins, MA
Bello Máchi New Zealand Jury 7th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 21
CathyCast Cathy Trouston
67, Tucker, AL
Bello Bello 8th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 24
JasonCast Jason Overland
41, Trescott, NJ
Máchi Máchi 9th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 27
NealCast Neal Duncan
37, Boston, MA
Bello Bello 10th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 30
JensonCast Jenson Quinnely
19, Smyrna, TN
Máchi Máchi 11th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 33
CharlieCast Charlie Johnson
69, Lessland, FL
Máchi Máchi Evacuated
6th Jury Member
Day 35
ReedCast Reed Markowski
28, Butler, MA
Bello Máchi 12th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 36
ShaniceCast Shanice Ross
30, Runner, MS
Máchi Bello Runner Up
MeghanCast Meghan Scheurs
24, Miami, FL
Máchi Bello Winner 2

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