Desiree Mann is a competitor on Survivor: Sri Lanka and Survivor: Malawi.

In her short time on Survivor: Sri Lanka, Desiree became a part of the female alliance on Moratuwa and voted out Terrence to save Jolene. Out of fear of being taken out later on in the game, she did not flip and drew rocks to try and take out another male. Unfortunately for her, she drew the different rock and was eliminated first in the game.

She returned to Survivor: Malawi alongside Eduardo Long as a part of the twist where two first boots eliminated by rocks were given a second chance. At her first Tribal Council, Desiree almost went to another rock draw, but was terrified of being eliminated by them again, and thus flipped against her own alliance. This did not settle well, and she ultimately was voted out fourth in the game. She defeated the reigning champion, Joe Evans, on Redemption Island, but was ultimately defeated by the eventual winner of the season, Carolyn Figueroa.

Sri LankaEdit

Desiree's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Terrence;
Eliminated, Day 3


Desiree's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Zomba Tribe Immune
2 Guadalupe -
3 Brandy Timothy, Leland, Christine,
Ginger, Brandy
Voted Out, Day 12
5 On Redemption Island
Eliminated, Day 20

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