Candy Carlswell is a competitor on Survivor: Zimbabwe, Survivor: Crusades, and Survivor: Champions.

In Survivor: Zimbabwe, Candy played a flirtatious and under-the-radar game. She won the opening challenge and hand picked her tribe, Marondera, which gained strength and favor amongst her selections, allowing her to survive to the swap, where she ended up on Harare, where she formed tight bonds with the men of the game. At the merge, she teamed up with the others to vote out Sadie McGuire, a major threat, but was foiled by her playing hidden immunity idols twice in a row. In her third attempt to take out her main enemy, Sadie gathered a majority alliance against her and took her out of the game.

Candy returned in Survivor: Crusades, where she played a far more aggressive game. After being the first person sent to exile island on the season, Candy found the location of a hidden immunity idol and used it to save herself at the first Tribal Council of the game, where she was voted out by more than half of the tribe. After saving herself and getting rid of Chadrick Gruber in an excellent idol play, Candy proceeded to assist in winning immunities to get herself to the merge. At the tribe swap, Candy met with Tequila Charlton, Debbie Furman, and Penelope Carranza to form an alliance against her former enemies. However, she ultimately was put back into the minority when her allies were picked off one by one. At the merge, Candy flipped to work with Ronnie Burton and his Chessmasters alliance, and succeeded in picking off Monica Zaragoza. She stuck with Ronnie and maintained her villainous gameplay up until her eventual elimination after flipping against him to save Alyssa Mahaffey.

Candy returned again in Survivor: Champions to the Shoubak "Strengths" Tribe, where she joined the majority of women to decimate the pre-game alliance formed by Woo-Shi Mason, Demetrius Saylor, and Garland Youngblood. After surviving to the merge, Candy continued to play under-the-radar until breaking out and flipping from the Black Widows alliance, formed by Ashlee Galindo and Hannah Duncan, to work with the Outcasts, comprised of Mercy Mahan, Jordan Samuels, and Christopher Scott. After finding a new ally in Keegan Micah, Candy formed a new majority with Jordan Samuels to get to the final three. She later purchased a visit to Exile Island, allowing her to bypass a Tribal Council for the first time in Survivor history, and returned with an idol in her pocket. It was then that she betrayed Keegan and used an idol to save Hannah Duncan and gain her jury vote, and won immunity to get to the Final Tribal Council for the first time ever, where she won because of her strategic gameplay and social game.


Candy's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Marondera Tribe Immune
2 Francis -
3 Mandy -
4 Marondera Tribe Immune
5 Faye -
Harare Tribe Immune
6 Harare Tribe Immune
7 Louis -
8 Sadie -
9 No Tribal Council
10 Sadie Individual Immunity
11 Sadie Sadie, Judith, Nellie,
Ricardo, Orville
Voted Out, Day 33

Voted For
Sole Survivor



Candy's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Amelia;
Chadrick, Stanton,
Spencer, Penelope
2 Acapulco Tribe Immune
3 Acapulco Tribe Immune
4 Stanton -
5 Serafina -
6 Serafina;
7 Debbie Spencer, Debbie
8 Igualapa Tribe Immune
9 Monica -
10 Sabrina Sabrina, Alyssa,
Spencer, Serafina
11 Serafina Individual Immunity
12 Ronnie -
13 Ronnie Spencer, Serafina, Stephen,
Amelia, Ronnie
Voted Out, Day 36

Voted For
Sole Survivor



Candy's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Shoubak Tribe Immune
2 Garland;
3 Demetrius -
4 Shoubak Tribe Immune
5 Mercy -
6 Jarrod Jarrod
7 Tafilah Tribe Immune
8 Christopher -
9 Isabelle -
10 Hannah -
11 Christopher -
12 On Exile Island
13 Ashlee -
14 Keegan Individual Immunity
Hannah Individual Immunity
Jury Votes
For Candy
Hannah, Ashlee,
Rochelle, Woo-Shi
Sole Survivor, Day 39

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