Candace McLaughlin is a competitor on Survivor: Tonga and Survivor: Battlegrounds.

In Survivor: Tonga, Candace played with her husband, Marcus McLaughlin, but remained on opposite Tribes through the entire pre-merge, where Candace assisted in keeping her Tribe constantly immune. At the merge, she teamed up with Marcus and formed several alliances that allowed her to work her way to the end of the game with her husband. The jury respected Candace's game more than Marcus, and she won the game in the first perfect game in Survivor history.

In Survivor: Battlegrounds, Candace took a softer approach to the game, still using her challenge abilities to keep her Tribes immune as best as possible. At the merge, Candace became a target in a few Tribal Councils, but ultimately flipped on her core alliance, earning the ire of many players and America alike. She won many individual immunities and got herself to the Final Tribal Council, where she ended her game completely opposite to Tonga -- instead of receiving all the jury votes, she received none and got third place.


Candace's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Ha'Ano Tribe Immune
2 Ha'Ano Tribe Immune
3 Ha'Ano Tribe Immune
4 Ha'Ano Tribe Immune
5 Ha'Ano Tribe Immune
6 Ha'Ano Tribe Immune
7 Ha'Ano Tribe Immune
8 Nicole -
9 Bradley -
10 Sherri -
11 Elias -
12 Caitlyn -
13 Bradley -
14 Ineligible -

Jury Votes
for Candace

Evan, Bradley, Caitlyn, Elias,
Sherri, Jacqui, Nicole
Sole Survivor, Day 39


Candace's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Rabat Tribe Immune
2 Rabat Tribe Immune
Grant Grant
3 Rabat Tribe Immune
4 Agadir Tribe Immune
5 Agadir Tribe Immune
6 Kenny Kazuko, Raleigh, Kenny
7 Agadir Tribe Immune
8 Agadir Tribe Immune
9 Barbara -
10 Raleigh Jessica, Bradley, Amy
11 Raleigh -
12 Marcus -
13 Kazuko -
14 Raleigh Individual Immunity
15 Jarrod Individual Immunity
Jessica Jessica

Jury Votes
for Candace

2nd Runner Up, Day 39