Andrea McClanahan is a competitor on Survivor: Arabia and Survivor: Prospectors.

In Survivor: Arabia, Andrea began on the middle class Dhahran Tribe, playing an under-the-radar game up until the swap, where she began trying to blindside Langley Chandler with her fellow former Tribemate, Spring Veronique. At the merge, however, she teamed up with Langley and Audrey Weaver, and the three became the power alliance of the season. After flipping against Langley to eliminate her, Andrea began winning several immunity challenges and took out multiple power players, giving her the needed credibility to win the game.

Andrea returned in Survivor: Prospectors as a member of the winners-only Bitola Tribe. She quickly found an ally in Edward Tobin, but was at the bottom of the Tribe. Together, however, they managed to overthrow the majority thanks to the double-tribal twist, and they made it to the merge together through thick and thin, as they remained on Bitola together through the many swaps and dissolves. At the merge, they worked together to flip the majority alliance against themselves, ultimately granting them a powerful ally, Syd Parsley. They managed to make it to the end together, but because they shared credit for most moves, the Jury could barely vote for one over the other, making Andrea and Edward both co-runners up.


Andrea's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Dhahran Tribe Immune
2 Dhahran Tribe Immune
3 Dhahran Tribe Immune
4 De'Andre;
5 Langley -
6 Khobar Tribe Immune
7 Khobar Tribe Immune
8 Ryland -
9 Robbie -
10 De'Andre;
11 Marcello -
12 Stanford Individual Immunity
13 Robbie;
Individual immunity
14 Saffron Individual Immunity
Audrey Audrey
Mary-Rose Individual Immunity

Jury Votes
for Andrea

Audrey, Saffron, Langley,
De'Andre, Spring
Sole Survivor, Day 39


Andrea's Voting History
Episode Voted For Voted Against
1 Bitola Tribe Immune
2 Bitola Tribe Immune
3 Aimee Jacques, Judith, Aimee
4 Robbie -
5 Bitola Tribe Immune
6 Abby Ambassador Immunity
7 Julia -
8 Taylor -
9 Kelleigh Kelleigh, Ashleigh
Bitola Tribe Immune
10 Jocelyn Jett, Taylor, Jerold, Jocelyn
11 Jerold Jett, Jerold, Taylor
12 Taylor Jett, Taylor
13 Ashleigh -
14 Jett -
15 Zeke Zeke, Abby
Abby -

Jury Votes
for Andrea

Abby, Zeke
Co-Runner Up, Day 39

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