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Episode Nine | Day Twenty Seven | Immunity

This challenge is called 'Scavenger hunt'!

Similar to the one pre merge challenge, your goal is to find all five items and screenshot them and submit them below. Submit all five first and win immunity!

Your items are:

1. A full shot of the girls from a band Toad's fangasms over.

2. A chocolate disc made using the Reese's product.

3. A cup of coffee with an anime character's face made out of the cream

4. Something yellow with green petruding from it and heading into the ground.

5. A website with flashing colors, animated dogs running, and beautiful music that makes you want to scream OMFG!!! Dogs!!

This should be easy. Go!

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what has a green body and comes out of the ground and has yellow petals
4. ?

Dylan wins immunity!

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