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Episode Seven | Day Twenty One | Immunity Challenge

In this three vs three duel (I have chosen the most active people to complete the challenge), players will be competing to build a very tall tower. You must take a screenshot of the game below and post it IN MY PM for the score to count. Once all three from each tribe have submitted, the scores will be tallied and posted.

The Game:

This is NOT a battle for the high SCORE; this is a battle for the tallest tower. Once you submit a response you cannot submit another.


Teman: Dakota, Tobi, Bruno

Draugas: Dylan, Nate, Liam

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Draugas, you have one island quality down to 0. As a disadvantage, your score will have 50 points subtracted from the end total.


Teman: Dakota, Tobi, Bruno
Tobi - 23
Dakota - 145
Bruno - 32

Draugas: Nate, Mika, SG, Liam, Dylan
Nate - 39
Mika - 24 [In Liam's place]
Dylan - 48

With a higher score than the other, Teman wins immunity!

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