Teman: Dakota, Benji, Tobi, Bruno

Draugas: Nate, Mika, SG, Liam, Dylan

Congratulations, final nine! Your challenge today is called 'Representative'. One person from each tribe will be elected to do the challenge. They will have to complete a series of tasks in order.

Your representatives must do the following challenges:

http://mypuzzle.org/sliding [Draugas + Teman] -- Complete the puzzle

http://www.kongregate.com/games/weirdbeardgames/99-bricks [Draugas + Teman] -- Reach a tower at or above 250

http://thejigsawpuzzles.com/Puzzle-of-the-Day/Stearman-Wiley-Post-Airport-Oklahoma-City-jigsaw-puzzle?cutout=150%20piece%20Mosaic - [Draugas + Teman | Disadvantage 1] -- Complete the puzzle

http://flashwow.net/flash/balance.swf [Draugas + Teman | Disadvantage 2] -- Reach 1200

http://www.bored.com/game/play/151409/Nyan_Cat_FLY_.html [Teman | Disadvantage 3] -- Reach at least 2000.

All of the above require screenshots. The first to complete all of their challenges wins immunity. Teman, for having 0 on everything, you have 3 disadvantages as stated above. Draugas has 0 on two, so they have 2 disadvantages. Get going!