This episode's challenge is a scavenger hunt. Since chat is not working, the challenge is not live again!!!(:

Anyways, it is possible this go around for only four people to win immunity for the tribe. There are four things you must locate on this scavenger hunt, and must take a screenshot of them. Once all three have been taken and posted by one tribe, that tribe wins.

Draugas Items:

1. Bright arrows shot at switches to flip the dungeon in a popular Nintendo game

2. The final boss of the most recent RPG title by two popular Nintendo characters made of red and green color.

3. The mysterious cube you befriend and have to incinerate because an evil computer told you to do so.

4. A mysterious creature a 10 year old boy turns into that is red and has many arms and comes from a watch.

Teman Items:

1. An item normally hidden or given during side quests in a popular Nintendo game that extends your life bar if you can find enough to create one whole item.

2. The main protagonist of a popular Nintendo game involving mysterious aliens and a strong suit that disguises the protagonist's female identity.

3. The angry sphere that is last to be destroyed in a popular puzzle game involving portals.

4. A mysterious creature a 10 year old boy turns into that is small and grey that comes from a watch.