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Episode Two | Day Six | Tribal Council

Avery, Bruno, Nate, Mika, Ben, Alex, Benji

You will now vote someone out. Votes are due by 6:30. If you do not vote you self vote. Refer to the previous tribal council for more rules.

If you do have the hidden immunity idol and want to play it, you must do so in my PM after you vote. In doing so you cannot retract playing it if you get a second thought. All idol plays are final.

Vote in my PM.

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I will now reveal the votes.

But first:

Avery has decided to play his idol. Any votes against him do not count.

First vote: Avery. Does not count.

Second vote: Nate.

Third vote: Mika.

Fourth vote: Ben.

Fifth vote: Ben.

Second person voted out of Survivor: TDIFF........


>Torch is snuffed

Head back to camp; I have nothing for you.


Yes <3 the idol was wasted

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