The second challenge of this game revolves around a little bit more teamwork!!

Each person on your tribe will be given a statement to unscramble. The first tribe to finish the majority of the scramblings wins immunity. So, for example, if four people on one tribe get the answer first, they have the majority of points.


Anyways, has decided that Ben is sitting out of the challenge this go around.

Also as a note, for your answer to be correct, the statement must also be made gramatically correct. So if the answer is 'tdi', the correct answer is TDI because TDI is an abbreviation. Make proper nouns and junk capital.

Avery and Dylan: vorviurs: Ifdtf

Bruno and Dakota: Iwn iiumnmyt

Nate and Zoey: hgnti and yda

Mika and SG: tcocoun mlik

Alex and Tobi: otatl amdar lnisda

Benji and Liam: tifsaicnnfo

Reminder that BEN is sitting out. Go!